Dr A Pitsillis`s CV

Dr Pitsillis’ primary interest is Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry.
In 1982 the bonding of metal free restorations was pioneered in South Africa with his friend and colleague
Dr.W.Liebenberg. The experience gained with the bonding of porcelain restorations laid the foundation for
advanced minimally invasive dentistry which now forms the basis of reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry.
If you require cosmetic reconstruction with a minimally invasive technique Dr Pitsillis will gladly advise you on
this technique and show you successful cases that he has done over the last 25 years .
Metal Free Dentistry is a service essential for those patients that have allergies to metal or suffer from mercury
toxicity. Dr Pitsillis works closely with Dr.Laurence Retief (Medical Specialist on Natural Medicine) to treat
patients with heavy metal toxicity. An amalgam removal and detox programme is available in this practice.
As part of the minimally invasive treatment this practice works with high powered microscopes and cameras
which allows for diagnosis and treatment of disease at a very early stage.
In his spare time Dr Pitsillis enjoys canoeing, tennis, photography and gardening. He watches art house movies
and listens to live music whenever he can.
Summary of Dr.A.Pitsillis CV
1981 Bachelor of Dental Science University of Witwatersrand
Doctor of Dental Science Canadian Dental Board
Children’s Dentistry:
Paediatric Dentistry 1982-1984 at Paediatric Children's Hospital
Paediatric Dentistry Society of South Africa 1983- current.
Root Canal Treatment:
Cosmetic Dentistry:
Gum Disease:
Member of Endodontic Society of South Africa. (1983- current)
Member of the South African Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry.
Member of the South African Society of Periodontology 1990
Executive Committee member and course coordinator for the Gauteng Branch
of the South African Society of Periodontology ( 1994-1999)
Dental Implants:
Member of the South Africa Society for Dental Implantology (1986- current)
Lecture and Publications:
Dr. Pitsillis has presented lectures to dentists on Porcelain Restorations, Porcelain Veneers and Dental
Post Graduate papers on the Side Effects of Local Anaesthetics.
Journal Publication on Dental Implantology. ( Jnl of the South African Dental Association.)
Member of Dental XP
Webinars by International Panel of Specialists
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