How Dentistry`s Hot Topics Impact Your Future

How Dentistry’s Hot Topics
Impact Your Future
Dr. William Calnon, 2011-12
president, American Dental
...Professional issues that
will impact YOUR future
“The temptation to form
premature theories upon
insufficient data is the
bane of our profession”
-Sherlock Holmes
A Profession in
Key Forces Reshaping the
Dental Profession
The Health Policy
Resource Center
Courtesy of Dr. Marko Vujicic
So, lets summarize…..
Utilization of dental care among
adults has declined
Trend began before the recent
economic downturn
Dental benefits coverage for adults
has steadily eroded in the past decade
True especially among young adults
and the poor
Total dental spending slowed
considerably in the early 2000’s
and has been flat since 2008
Public financing accounts for an
increasing share
Expected to remain flat
“New normal”
Average net income of dentists
declined since the mid 2000’s
Held steady since 2009
2 of 5 dentists say “I could see more
Trend began before recent economic
Trend towards larger,
consolidated multi-site practices
will continue
Affordable Care Act (ACA) will
expand dental benefits for
children but not adults
On the care delivery side, there will be
pressure to increase value and reduce cost
from all payors…government, employers
and individuals.
Driven by a shift toward value based
payments both within the public and
private sectors
Commercial plans will increasingly use
more selective networks and demand
increasing accountability and performance
New wave of health care consumerism
among the population
Pressure to decrease costs will drive
Critical Moment for Dentistry
 A time for our profession to define
its destiny
 Not a time for complacency
 Understanding the forces at work will assist in
defining our destiny
 Ignoring what is happening is not an option
So…what does this all mean?
GOAL 1 of the 2011-2014
ADA Strategic Plan
To provide support to dentists
so they may succeed and excel
throughout their careers.
Associateship interview questions
Tips for buying a practice
Practice alternatives evaluation
Contract analysis
Dental Benefits
Facilities planning/management
Practice systems & procedures
Attracting & retaining patients
Continuing Education
 ADA CE online
 In person
ADA Kellogg Executive Management
University of Florida College of Dentistry
Executive Practice Management Certificate
From my experience
Highest quality of care
Fair fees
Exceptional patient education
Community involvement
Active professional
Top notch customer service
Internal referral base
“If you love what you do…..
you’ll never work a day in your