Gas Law Experiment

Gas Law Experiment
Directions: You will carry out an experiment using liquid nitrogen!!!!! Nitrogen is a liquid between the
temperatures of -346°F and -320.44°F. When it reaches the air it quickly heats up and expands! You will write
a lab report based on an experiment that you complete using liquid nitrogen. The parts of the lab report that are
required for the report are as follows:
Background/Introduction (5 points)
You will have to write around 10 sentences giving the background of the 3 gas laws that could explain your
experimental results (Guy Lussac’s, Charles and Boyles).
You must include the equations and an explanation for each of the laws.
State each law
Give the equation for each law
Explain what each law means in a couple of sentences
Make a statement about how liquid nitrogen ties into each of the laws
Purpose (5 points)
This will introduce the experiment that you will carry out. You must provide a hypothesis about the outcome of
the experiment. Also, explain that hypothesis using one of the 3 gas laws.
Procedure (5 points)
This should be a numbered procedure that outlines exactly what will be done in your experiment. Follow the
example below.
Balloon Experiment:
- Step 1. Get a balloon
- Step 2. Etc…
Results should be saved for the RESULTS section and should not be listed in the procedure.
Results (5 points)
This will be a list of your observations for each of the experiments. DO NOT ANALYZE RESULTS IN THIS
Conclusion (8 points)
Re-State the hypothesis for the experiment and say if it is rejected or accepted.
Explain the results using the background information of the appropriate gas law (you can refer back to
paragraph one). Remember—your results may differ from the results that you predicted earlier—this is okay!
You should begin the paragraph with:
“The hypothesis from the ___________ experiment is (rejected/accepted).”
o Explain why accepted or rejected based on observations
o Explain your results using the appropriate gas law
General (2 points)
The lab report needs to be double-spaced, free of grammatical and spelling errors. Make sure to proof read!
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