APWH/Burlage Writing Hints and Tips for the Change and Continuity

Writing Hints and Tips for the Change and Continuity Over Time Essay (CCOT)
PROMPT: Discuss the changes and the continuities in the Classical World (Greece and Rome) between
500 BCE and 476 CE.
There are a few ways that you can do this.
Make two columns—Greece and Rome. List 10 or so facts about each civilization. Look for
general changes and continuities. Then compare these and analyze.
2. Make two columns—What changed? and What stayed the same? Analyze what you have
determined, and then write an essay.
Things that you should consider: governmental systems, religious beliefs, trading, societal life,
occupations, importance in known world of these civilizations, arts, law . . .
Model Thesis:
The classical civilizations of Greece and Rome shared many characteristics between 500 BCE and 476
AD (you always have to include the prompt’s date in the thesis). Although (and this is just an idea!) the
importance of trading and the emphasis on learning and culture remained strong, views of
government, religion, and the responsibilities of citizens changed.
Body of paragraph:
Include AT LEAST one paragraph explaining the changes and one paragraph explaining the continuities.
Be sure you have evidence, detail, and analysis in your essay. Don’t just list; write an analytical essay.
(something like) Although many aspects of classical civilization such as trading and learning remained
constant through 500 BCE and 476 CE, other aspects changed, including government, religion, and the
concept of civic responsibility.