Test of Language Competence Level 1 5 to 9 Yrs

Test of Language Competence Level 1 (5 to 9 yrs.)
The Test of Language Competence was designed to measure linguistic competence and in the use of semantic,
syntactic, and pragmatic language strategies. This involves the appropriate understanding and/or expression of
language content and response to the communicative demands of specific situations. A standard score of 100 is
interpreted to be at the 50th percentile or average performance. The standard deviation is 15.
Ambiguous Sentences: evaluates the ability to identify two
interpretations of a spoken sentence and then to identify the
picture representation of each meaning.
Listening Comprehension: Making Inferences:
evaluates the ability to make two plausible inferences
based on two given sentences that describe the lead-in
and conclusion of a causal event.
Oral Expression: Recreating Sentences:
evaluates the ability to formulate sentences given key
words related to a situation or context.
Figurative Language: evaluates the ability to interpret
figurative expressions (idioms and metaphors) and to match
expressions with pictures depicting meanings.
TLC-E Total Test Composite Total:
Interpreting Intents (Receptive)
Expressing Intents (Expressive)
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Standard Score