Ethics and Globalisation

Ethics, globalisation, enterprise and change
Institution/ country
Reference/Module Title/
programme title
Level of study
Content (if not obvious
from the title)
Approach to learning and
Leeds Metropolitan University
PACE Modules running across departments
ethics, globalisation, enterprise and change
Aims/intended learning outcomes/ L&T activities
Students are encouraged to share personal knowledge through PACE seminars.
Students are required to consider the different aspects of decisions making including
cultural perspectives.
The PACE modules encourage students to reflect on their knowledge and experiences
and how this shapes their view of the world. Self-awareness and citizenship are specific
competences students are given opportunity to develop throughout their course of
Some module require students to work in groups in order to solve problems – this
involves student debating their different perspective in order to come up with a
common view (which may involve compromise)
Reading lists include a range of literature from different sources which they should
analyse from different perspectives.
The scheme actively encourages students to participate in international exchange
programmes. In addition the scheme actively seeks to recruit students from diverse
cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. This enhances the cultural mix of students on
the route.
Students are encouraged to analyse their own values and ethics, understanding those
of others, and debating issues that arise effectively and peacefully. There are a number
of modules which require students to work in groups thus encouraging positive
interaction with other students within the cohort, and with others within the Faculty
and beyond.
Students are given the opportunity to study particular issues of diversity and equal
opportunity within their mainstream study. For instance, ethics is a key theme within
the scheme and is also a curriculum issue in many subject areas e.g. marketing, HP, PR
etc.. Where appropriate modules encourage an ethical awareness and consider the
ethical impact of actions and decisions.
Globalisation is a theme throughout the undergraduate scheme and some routes
include explicit Globalisation modules e.g. Global Business Context is a core module in
the business cluster. The PACE modules encourage students to consider diversity and
There is a wide range of learning strategies employed within the routes in the scheme –
each route document includes matrices of learning/teaching methods and assessment
methods. The PACE 1 module enables students to identify their individual learning
styles and needs.
Key concepts/knowledge/skills are supported by learning materials which may be
available in a variety of formats.
URL/ contact details
Some modules require students to work in groups to complete in-course work or
Assessment tasks encourage students to present assessed work in a variety of formats.
Learning outcomes/assessment criteria are varied across the routes. Faculty Operating
Procedures require subject groups to review assessments to ensure they are
appropriate and presented in clear, unambiguous and well defined language.
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