Middle Ages- Knights Lauren Sichel

Middle Ages: Knights
Lauren Sichel
There were many advantages and disadvantages to being a knight in the Middle Ages.
Some disadvantages included fighting constantly and risking your life. The knights were
constantly fighting with Vikings in Central Asia. Some of these Viking groups were the Huns and
Magyars. Another disadvantage was that you had to be rich enough to buy a horse, weapons,
and armor. If you did not have enough money to buy these essential items, you were putting
your life at risk because you could not afford to protect yourself. The last disadvantage of being
a knight was that when a boy turned eight, he was required to leave his home and live in a
lord’s castle with many other boys. At this castle is where the training to becoming a full knight
took place. This was a disadvantage because young boys had to leave their homes at a very
young age. Some advantages to being a knight were that in return for serving, a knight’s leader
would give him land, generous gifts, and rights to have control over his people. Along with
receiving generous gifts, a knight would earn the title “Sir”. It was a privilege when a knight
earned the title “Sir” because they became more respected. The final advantage of being a
knight was that if you were one of the king’s most loyal knights, you got a very large portion of
the land in his kingdom. All in all, being a knight was very rewarding if you were willing to risk
your life and be commited.