The Great Pandemic 1918

The Great Pandemic 1918
Disease Detectives
Visit , tour and read the website then answer the following questions.
Life in 1918
1. Describe some of the activities that were popular during this time.
2. What was the underlying reason that health experts were concerned with the fad of entertainment during
3. How many people died during World War I? How does this compare to the number who died from influenza?
4. Compare the typical female of 1918 to the female of 2011.
5. What was the most popular type of transportation during 1918? Explain how this increased the spread of
6. Who was Samuel Morse?
7. Why do you think telephone operators spoke in code about the epidemic?
8. Why was life expectancy so much shorter?
9. How was education important to Public Health?
10. Explain how an individual would seek medical care?
11. What was the PHS and how did they combat diseases?
12. Why is it necessary to evaluate habits, communication, transportation, and education when studying an
epidemic or pandemic?
The Great Pandemic 1918
The Pandemic
13. Where did influenza come from and why was it so lethal?
14. What practices helped prevent some people from catching influenza?
15. What did you find the most interesting about the “voices of the pandemic?”
16. What were the symptoms of influenza of 1918?
17. What was Joseph Goldberger’s role in preventing influenza?
18. What is your response to banning public funerals or taking harsh measures for spitting during this pandemic?
19. How many people died during 1918-1919?
20. What kind of legacy did this have on modern medicine?
Your State
21. Identify the possible sources of contamination of our state in September of 1918.
22. What area of Kentucky took the greatest hit of KY? Propose a reason why.
Documents and Media
23. Choose a document, ad, newspaper article, etc and evaluate it.
a. How does it relate to influenza?
b. How effective do you think it was in educating people of influenza?
c. What stuck out to you about this piece?
The Great Pandemic 1918
24. What was the role of each individual in combating influenza?
a. Rupert Blue
b. Joseph Goldberger
c. Wade Frost
d. Leslie Lumsden
e. Woodrow Wilson
Learn More
25. What questions do you have as a result of this research study? (at least 3)
26. How has your view of disease changed as a result of this research study?
27. What are your expectations about this class? (What would you like to learn about, labs/activities you hope to
complete, etc)
28. What made you sign up for this course?
29. What are your future college/career goals?
30. How do you think this class will be applicable to your life?
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