Grounding global mental health entails acknowledging that

Symposium: Social and cultural psychiatry: Co-sponsored WPA-TPS
and “Medical Anthropology and Psychiatry “Section of the WASP.
Responses to change and migration: Grounding global mental health
“Re-organizing the clinic: Beyond culture and migration as pathology producing”
Rachid Bennegadi
Grounding global mental health entails acknowledging that migration and
asylum dynamics constitute social determinants, among many, which shape
individual responses to distress.
As a psychiatrist and anthropologist, how do I integrate dynamics of
change and migration and their impact on patients as individual strategies
resulting in individual adaptations?
This presentation aims at proposing concrete clinical tools to mobilize the
relationship between culture and psychiatry within a systemic approach,
and to provide a healthcare response that is most adequate to the patient’s
Rachid Bennegadi.
Secretary General of the World Association of Social Psychiatry.
Immediate Past President of the TPS-WPA
Vice -President of the French League for Mental Health.Paris.
Director of the Research Pole. Minkowska Centre, Paris, France
Director of the Research Department, Sigmund Freud University ,Paris. France
Editor in Chief of the French Version of the World Psychiatry Journal.
[email protected]
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