Tutorial – Altered Envelope Accordion Book 2013

TUTORIAL - Altered Envelope Accordion Book
written by Lori Tisdale, used/shared by permission
Supply list:
- 1 plain 12” x 12” sheet of thick card stock, cut in half to create 2 pieces of 6”x 12”
- Several pieces of coordinating patterned/scrapbook paper for embellishing, layering, etc.
- Variety of coordinating thick card stock, to match patterned/scrapbook papers
- 1” circle or tab punch
- 10 standard size envelopes (5 3/4” x 4 3/8”)
- 10 plain thick card stocks pieces cut at 5 ½” x 4 ¼”
- Card making / scrapbooking adhesive
- Provo Craft Terrifically Tacky Tape
- Various embellishments: rub-ons, stamp images, ribbon, tissue/washi tape, etc
- Long piece of ribbon
Directions on creating the book:
1. You will create a strong base for this book by layering the plain thick card stock to create a strong
“back” of the book.
2. Score/fold 6”x 12” thick card stock sheets at 6” and 7”, both sheets.
3. Layer the 6” x 6” sections over other (this is the front of the book and you want them to line up
before applying tacky tape to portion of the back of the book).
4. Where the back of the book overlaps, apply Tacky Tape to one of the thick card stock sheets (on the
smaller portion of the 5” section).
5. Adhere the overlapping parts of the 5” section, squarely. This should create a tri-fold “book”.
6. For embellishing the outside covers (2) and inside covers (2), cut some of your coordinating /
patterned scrapbook paper at 5 ¾” x 5 ¾”. Apply with regular card making / scrapbooking adhesive.
7. Distress/decorate/embellish each “cover” at will. Example: add washi tape/stamped image/rubons/stickers across bottom/sides, ink edges, etc.
Directions for making the accordion section inside, out of standard size envelopes:
1. Turn the flap of each envelope back and using regular card making / scrapbooking adhesive make
the flap stick to the backside of the envelope.
2. Continue with the other 9 envelopes.
3. Stacking the envelopes on top of each other one at a time, adhere all envelopes to each other by
applying regular card making / scrapbooking adhesive to the front of 9 of the envelopes.
4. Apply Tacky Tape to the back of the last envelope and apply 1/4” above bottom of the middle
section of the “book”.
5. The 10 pieces of thick card stock cut at 5 ½ x 4 ¼ will be the “cards” that go inside each envelope.
(These can be used for recipes, as scrapbook pages, etc.)
6. Using a circle or tab punch, cut out 10 shapes from pieces of coordinating patterned /scrapbook
7. Apply 10 circle/tab punched pieces to front of “cards” by applying adhesive to bottom section of
8. Distress/embellish each “card” at will. Example: add washi tape/stamped image/rub-ons/stickers
across bottom/sides, ink edges, etc.
9. Measuring the space available on the front envelope, cut pieces of coordinating card stock /
patterned scrapbook paper and embellish/decorate at will.
Putting the final touches on the accordion book
1. If you are going to wrap a ribbon around the book, cut ribbon at least 24” long.
2. Using Tacky Tape, stick the ribbon to the back/middle section of book only.
3. Close book and tie ribbon.
Last step – sit back and enjoy your handiwork!!!
Now, go make another one… yes, it’s that much fun!
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