Altered books is taking existing books
and reworking them into works of art.
 Altered books are an old way of
◦ 11th century Italian monks recycled
old manuscripts
◦ 19th century old books used as scrap
books, family albums, even
containing recipes
Select a book with sewn / stitched signatures,
they are stronger to work with
◦ Old, worn books are great for this project
Choose a theme
◦ Explore a social issue-poverty, homelessness,
politics, free speech, etc
◦ Use a character trait-tolerance, commitment,
responsibility, respect, etc.
◦ Visually tell another story or poem
◦ Visually tell the story of the book
◦ Use some words from the text to create different
Using text from the book to create a different message
Ripped pages
Folded pages
Pasted paper with
Cut letters of name from magazine
Place letters face up
Place piece of packing tape over the letters
Put tape with letters in a tray of warm water for
approximately 15 minutes
◦ Remove from water and gently rub magazine paper
off tape leaving ink
◦ Let dry, trim if desired, press into book
◦ Gently burnish tape to blend (burnish is rubbing
with a spoon or other hard instrument)
Trace your hand with open or closed fingers
on the cover of the book
Fill with patterns and/or textures
◦ Must have at least 5 different patterns and textures
drawn with no lines crossing another
Paint around the hand and tape on your name
from the tape transfer
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