1) - York County Government

Building Permit Application Kit for Individual Lots
Please note that all plans, SWPPP, and forms should be prepared by one either a SC
Licensed Engineer, Tier B Surveyor, or Landscape Architect.
Please note that along with scheduled inspections, a third party inspection may be
required for the site. Refer to the NPDES permit for further detail.
When naming the project please use the following format:
Subdivision name, address
Link: www.yorkcountygov.com
Notice of Intent
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control fee of $125.00
Financial Responsibility/Ownership Form
Stormwater Project Information Record
York County Land disturbance fee ($125.00 per disturbed acre)
Items to be included as part of the C-SWPPP:
a) Professional Certification (York County & SCDHEC) signed, sealed and
b) Applicant’s certification, signed and dated
c) Preparing Company’s Name
d) Project Narrative (SWPPP)
e) Soils Information
f) Title
g) Date
h) York County Approval Block – (located York County Engineering website)
i) Vicinity map
j) North arrow
k) Total acreage
l) Amount of disturbance
m) Scale
n) Legend
o) Tax map number
p) Time and date of start and completion of construction activity
q) Existing and proposed grades
- If there are no proposed grades, provide the following note
verbatim on the plans:
- “No new grades are proposed. All existing grades to remain the
same. All drainage patterns except for required drainage around
structures to remain and exit the property the same as existing
flow patterns.”
Revised 1-23-13 CT
Building Permit Application Kit for Individual Lots
List of receiving water bodies
Limits of disturbance
Topsoil stock pile location
York County Stormwater Ordinance Notes
Standard SCDHEC Notes
Construction Sequence
Seeding mix and schedule
Flow control
z) Name and number of FEMA flood maps and federal and state wetland areas
(where applicable)
Initial individual lot floodplain requirements:
1. Please include map, community and panel number from current FEMA
NFIP maps dated September 26th 2008 in general notes section.
2. Please label current floodplain line: "Current FEMA 100 Year
Floodplain". [44 CFR 60.3(b)(4)]
3. Please make the floodplain line distinguishable from the rest of the
topography lines if applicable.
Items that should be included in the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and
also shown on plans:
Best Management Practices (BMPs) and details:
a) Construction drive
b) Silt fence
c) Topsoil stock pile location
d) Washout area to contain prohibited discharge (concrete, paint, stucco, etc.)
e) Inlet protection
f) Seeding schedule
g) Spill prevention and control plan
h) Inspection and maintenance schedule
i) Limits of disturbance
j) Property lines
k) Storm Drain easements
l) Footprint of house
m) Well and septic location (if applicable)
Items that may need to be included in the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
(SWPPP) and on the plans:
Best Management Practices (BMPs) and details:
a) Rip-rap apron
b) Slope drains
c) Sediment tubes
Revised 1-23-13 CT
Building Permit Application Kit for Individual Lots
Fabric stone inlet protection
Level spreader
Matting type, size, and installation
Check dams
Diversion ditches
Sediment traps/basins
Construction and Water Quality buffers
Water quality measures
Detention wavier (if applicable)
Spoil and borrow areas
Forms can be found on the York County Engineering website at:
– click
 Departments
 Engineering
 Forms (on Engineering page bottom left side)
*The OS-SWPPP is not required per SCDHEC’s CGP to be submitted to York County
for review. York County does request a copy of the OS-SWPPP to be submitted for the
inspectors file. Per SCDHEC’s CGP, the OS-SWPPP is required to hold the preconstruction meeting. It will be the responsibility of the Financial Responsible party to
ensure the OS-SWPPP is available for the pre-construction meeting and kept on-site.
Please note that additional requirements may apply to the site based on site design and
BMP’s provided. Additional requirements will apply for sites that disturb 1 acre or more
of land (Type III grading permit) or sites which are part of a larger common plan (LCP)
that ultimately disturb more than 1 acre of land. Refer to Section 152.40 of the York
County Code of Ordinances and SCDHEC Construction General Permit for more details.
For projects disturbing 1 acre or more of Land, Designers should utilize and submit
SCDHEC’s “Stormwater Management and Sediment & Erosion Control Plan Review
checklist for Design Professional” for an aid in the design of Stormwater Pollution
Prevention Plans (SWPPP). The completed checklist should be submitted with the
SWPPP for review. Contact the Environmental Compliance Division at (803)-684-8571
with any questions.
Revised 1-23-13 CT