File - Maumelle Charter Student Government Association

SGA Meeting Minutes for October 9, 2014
Members in Attendance
President, Sally Sweere
Vice President, Elizabeth Lackey
Secretary, Sam Adkins
Treasurer, Nikki Wheat
Correspondent, Lauren LeGardye
Senior Class President, McKenzie Martinez
Junior Class Co-President, Sam Silva-Nash
Junior Class Co-President, Rhi Small
Sophomore Class President, Peyton Sorrells
Freshmen Class Representative, Sarah Tallents
Sponsor, Ms. Johnson
On the Agenda
Proposal Updates- Johnson
a. Shirt Sales
i. Original proposal (from summer) stated that we would be hosting a contest for
students to submit entries of shirt designs, so we are having a contest
ii. Judging will take place October 21
1. SGA Members to help judge
a. Sarah, Elizabeth, Nikki
b. Spirit Day
i. Approved, need to get the word out
c. Jingle Bell Jam
i. No word yet
Fall Fest- Zombie Encounter
a. Volunteers
i. Sign Up sheet to office and add to morning announcements
1. Frizzell’s Class?
a. Sally to ask
2. Bowden’s Drama?
a. 6th-8th graders
3. Parents?
a. Ms. Johnson requested a few parent volunteers from PTO
b. Finalized Rooms
i. Simmons
ii. Johnson
iii. Schoonover
iv. Need a map drawn
1. Nikki
c. Decorations and Make-up
i. Have at school by November 5
ii. Create list of who is bringing what
Fall Fest- Basket
a. Have at school by October 30
b. Reminder
i. Ms. Johnson- Cornucopia
ii. Sally- Candle
iii. Elizabeth- Bath and Body Works
iv. Sam A.- Starbucks Gift Card
v. Nikki- Carmel Apple Lollipops
vi. Lauren- Coffee Mix: Pumpkin Spice
vii. McKenzie- Pumpkin and paint
viii. Sam S.- Baking set
ix. Rhi- Air Freshener
x. Peyton- Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
xi. Sarah- Candy Corn
a. Game Date: January 9
i. Tailgate: No
b. Dance Date: January 10
c. Budget/ Committee
i. Venue: $500
1. Sally and McKenzie
a. Call around over fall break, present options to SGA on October
b. Purchase by November 13
ii. DJ & Lights: $300
1. Rhi, Nikki,& Lauren
a. Call around over fall break, present options to SGA on October
b. Purchase by November 13
iii. Proposal due by November 6
1. Sam A.
2. Need to know all details from all committees before writing proposal
iv. Homecoming court ballots & vote on homecoming court December 8-12
1. Lauren LeGardye
v. Purchase/Rent Arch, Crowns, and Flowers for court: $100
1. Elizabeth, Sarah, & Sam A.
vi. Tickets Created and Ready to ell by November 21, start selling after
Thanksgiving Break?
1. Single Ticket: $20
2. Couples Ticket:$ 30
3. Lauren, Elizabeth, Peyton, Sam S.
Decorations for Dance Purchased: $100
1. Elizabeth, Sarah, &Sam A.
Food & Drink
1. Sam A.
2. By Donation?
a. Class Presidents get food & drink from students/parents? (Have
Class Meetings)
b. Deadline: Have who is bringing what decided by December 11
Advertisements: Posters & Fliers to Promote Dance
1. Lauren, Elizabeth, Peyton
1. Photography
a. Bowden?
2. Parent Volunteers
a. Ms. Johnson to ask PTO for volunteers
3. Dance Theme
a. Circus
b. Colors
i. Red, Gold, Metallic White
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