Let*s Play Math-ketball! Chapter 2 Review Game

 Team 1: Taylor, Trevor, Amanda, Shawn, Mike
Dambra, Frankie
 Team 2: Josh, Ariel, Austin, Charlie, Dylan
 Team 3: Allison, Brianna, Erin, Jake, James
 Team 4: Ernie, Caitlin, Jessica, Mike DeSenzo, Sam L.
 Team 5: Natasha, Colleen, Sam S., Bridget, Morgan
The Rules:
 1. Every group must name a spokesperson who will be
responsible for announcing the group’s final answer.
 2. You must work with group members to answer each
question on notebook paper. If not all members participate,
your team’s turn will be lost.
 3. Please ask questions when you have them; this is a review
game, after all!
 4. The first team to say their team name (ex: “Team 1!”) and
answer the question correctly will be given the opportunity to
shoot the purple “math-ketball” from your choice of either the
4 or 2 point lines. 1 rebound shot will be allowed per question
for half the amount of points.
 5. Be nice and have fun 