Classification of Kingdoms

Protophypes – Plants
Protozoan – Animals
Protomicota - Molds
Protista Kingdom
Protists are different from the other kingdoms because they can take the features of
all the combinations of the other kingdoms.
Anal pore are not connected anyways to an actual anus, but is instead a storage area
that lets out things.
Phagocytosis – eating using endocytosis
How did the protists Evolve?
Thought of as the first multicellular organisms
Defining Features of the protists?
Can be multi and unit cellular, and also can be prokaryote and eukaryote
What are the different groups of protists?
Protophypes – Plants
Protozoan – Animals
Protomicota – Molds
Plants or the Plantae Kingdom
Turgid – Pressure like a balloon keeping their shape
Defining feature of being a plant is to do photosynthesis using chlorophyll and they
are an autotroph and especially plants are photoautotroph
Embryophytes: dependents from green algae (plant ancestor)
Transitional Form – something in between 2 kingdoms
Charophytes, Tracheophytes, Gymnosperm, Angiosperm
Seeds vs. Spores –Seed has things inside the embryo to help it survive longer, spores
are just embryotic cells
Fungi Kingdom
Defining features: Heterotrophic (digest) Mostly Multicellular, live as decomposers,
parasitism or mutualism
More Closely related to animals than plants because of their free-swimming sperms
and they are also heterotrophic
Phyla: long thin structures that form a big fungus
5 groups: Ascomycota, Basidiomycota, deuteromycotes, Mycophycota, Zygomycota
Animal Kingdom
Opisthokonts – The common ancestor for the animals and fungus/Metazoans
Zoo Protists – Protozoan
Opisthokonts spitted into 2 kingdoms the Animal and Fungus.
Choanoflagellates – Were every animal evolve from
Unicellular – Single Cell organisms
Aggregate – When unicellular cells come together as a group
Colonial – Same as Aggregate but they share
Multicellular – Multi cell organisms
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