BIS Board Minutes 9-22-15 - Bend International School

BIS Board Meeting
September 22, 2015
Held at the school
5:45pm for food, 6:00pm - 8:00pm meeting
All BIS Board Members Present:
Bruce Abernethy, Rhea Grogan, Edie Jones, Julie McMullin,
Kerani Mitchell, Flora Morales, Gonzalo Morales, Meera Dayal Rupp
BA called meeting to order at 6pm, adjourned at 8:00pm
I. Moment to Mission- KTVZ Clip of the BIS International Flag Ceremony
II. Board Action-Move Accept August Minutes; JM moves, BA seconds; all accept
III. BIS Successes: only recipient of 2015 Federal Grant that opened on time and met
diversity requirements out of approx. (5 (?) grant recipients. Lora Norquist and
Superintendent Shay Mikalson visited school and were excited and impressed.
IV. BIS 4 Program Goals: received and reviewed hand out summarizing goals
V. BIS Facility/Budget Issues:
1. JM presents payment plan option to pay for overages: board can support
by fundraising and grant writing; support partnership with Kevin Spencer
2. Will need additional space as we move forward. Currently have 7000 sq. ft
at a discounted rate of $1/sq. foot.
Will revisit need for more space in Jan. 2016
3. We need a finance committee: would like to invite Rebecca Hoshi and will
research others.
 Board Action-move to create a finance committee. EJ moves; GM
seconds; all accept
VI. Enrollment
a. Current figure is 132 students; need 134. Would like to add to 1st or 6th grade.
b. Current procedures remove student(s) from waitlist, if they wish to defer a
year; but having a long waitlist is good. JM and MR will revisit policy and we
will make a formal change at future BoD meeting or via email.
c. To anticipate fluxes, we will do some climate surveys; BA will identify
current district surveys we may be able to use as a starting point.
VII. School Safety - all
a. Gates installed; by law not all gates can be locked
b. School Safety Team being formed: Lisa Rosen, Ron Tucker, Julie McMullin
c. City of Bend - crosswalks and school slow zone signs being installed
d. Visitors-system in place to secure entry to buildings with only one front
office? Maybe add an intercom or phone out front? BoD will brainstorm.
VIII. Staffing - Bruce, Julie, Meera
a. Yuridi needs support: identify volunteers to assist
b. EAs: we need more, one to help with Carrie with second learning block
c. Will hire a janitor
d. Starting to coordinate volunteers, so we can utilize them
e. Still searching for a music instructor
f. Meera: overworked; BoD allow Meera to teach music for 1-month, then will
re-visit, to see if she is able to concurrently teach music & direct the school.
Need to identify music teacher as soon as possible.
IX. School programming
a. Spanish immersion start; all electives and lunch in Spanish
b. Sister School update – funding for field trip starts in October; MS field trip
scheduled for first week of May
X. BIS Open House - Friday October 16, 2015 from 4:00pm - 6:00pm
1. Brainstormed mini-agenda
2. Flyer/ advertising will created and distribute
3. Invitations: BoD will invite and send to key stakeholders, open to public/all
4. Tree Planting Ceremony – Meera will lead
5. Presentation of the Plaque of the Founding Fathers – Bruce or Kerani secure
6. Tours: middle school students and BoD members
7. Donations, Volunteer & Gala table
8. Slideshow: General slideshow
9. Dinner - Bonfire Party after at Meera’s-postpone until later
10. Serve food and drinks; BoD members solicit donations and organize via email
XI. Gala - Rhea
a. Set date: 1/30/2016
b. Decide on venue: Boys & Girls Club, 200 person capacity, have tables, linens
c. Plans for the event: adult only; fee-based childcare downstairs; slideshow;
less talking; TRIBS trainer may join and do group activity; auction
XII. Next Board Meeting Items
a. School evaluations
b. Next meeting 10/20/2015 at BIS
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