Microdosis presentation

Natural Medicine
Thousands of years have passed and plant remedies or healing through massage are still popular. Even
now more than ever, human beings are coming to a turning point where we begin to comprehend that
we are a part of nature, that which provides our well-being and health. In mother nature we find
everything we need, sans wrappers or jars, in its most simple and natural form, without additives or
preservatives that negatively affect our health.
Plant-based remedies that are found in mother nature present various benefits compared to allopathic
medicine. Their active properties are found in their biological make-up and their compatibility with the
human body have proven that the side-effects are very limited.
However, we need to consider that natural substances are not always the most appropriate for all
situations or health conditions, its use is not recommended if you do not know its effects.
To make the most use of the active properties in a plant, the best approach is to make a tincture.
Tinctures are concentrated plant essences that contain the plant’s active properties.
Alcohol-based tinctures
Ingredients and Materials for 1 Liter of an herbal Mother-Tincture:
1 sterilized glass jar with a wide opening and plastic cap. (2 liter)
1 amber or dark glass bottle with cap (wine bottle could be used) (1 liter)
7 oz. of fresh herbs /or/ 4 oz. of dry herb
1 cotton handkerchief or paper towel
27 oz. of alcohol (96 proof)
7 oz. of purified water
2 labels
1 pair of scissors specifically for plant use
1 plastic bag
Rinse herbs with fresh water and dry with handkerchief or paper towel. Cut into small pieces and place
into a sterile glass jar. Add alcohol and purified water, close by placing the plastic bag over the opening
of the jar under the screw-on cap. This is so the cap can be used over and over. Shake the jar 7 times,
add a label with its common-name, scientific name, your own name and current date.
The tincture is then stored in a place made specific for your tinctures, an enclosed wooden cabinet
would be ideal, since it protects them from direct sunlight. Shake the jar every 8 days.
The tincture for maceration are strained through a coffee filter and stored in an amber colored glass
container up to 1 liter with a cap or lid, label it with its common-name, its scientific name, your own
name and current date.
Plastic bag
6.76 oz. water
27.05 oz. alcohol 96°
200 g Fresh herbs
Tinctures are generally used in microdosis, that is water and alcohol based (80% purified water, 20%
alcohol), plus a certain amount of pure “mother tincture” that is plant based. It can also be used for
household or first aid uses.
Microdosis works through the taste glands, by applying drops under the tongue one or more times a
day, the solution goes straight to the hypothalamus gland located above the brainstem. The
hypothalamus gland controls the secretion of the pituitary and is known as the "control center of the
endocrine system." The autonomic nervous system is also regulated by the hypothalamus which plays
an important role in certain metabolic processes.
Hunger, thirst, sleep, emotional behavior such as anger and sexual activity, body temperature, blood
pressure, heart rate and function of organs in the abdomen are controlled by the hypothalamus. As we
age, the hypothalamus requires support to maintain its optimum performance. Hormones released from
the hypothalamus stimulate the production and release of other hormones such as TSH, prolactin,
gonadotropins, ACTH, growth hormones, etc. The hormone oxytocin plays an important role in helping
with uterine contractions and lactation. The antidiuretic hormone vasopressin is also secreted by the
The active ingredients of the plant stimulate these glands to help the body repair itself
For microdosis you need:
1 dropper filled with 80% water, 20% alcohol (96 proof) and a few drops of the pure plant-based mother
10 ml (.33 oz) dropper
Mother-tincture drops
20 % alcohol
80 % water
Microdosis are considered as supplements that help improve health, giving us the necessary elements to
alleviate aches and pains. They are generally very reliable if they are taken in prescribed amounts.
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