Systems - Red Hook Central School District

What are systems and
why are they important?
A naturally occurring
group of objects or phenomena
that share matter and energy,
for example the four spheres of
the Earth system
System: A system in which
there is a free exchange of both
energy and matter between the
system and its surroundings.
 Example: a jar without a lid,
an island
System: A system where
energy may enter and leave, but
matter cannot.
 Examples: a space shuttle, a
jar with a lid, planet Earth
 Based
on things we talked about in class, write
down your own examples of an open and a closed
system and explain or illustrate why it is an
example of an open or closed system. These
examples needs to be different than ones we
covered in class [For Homework grade:+1 for
each example, +1.5 for each explanation… total
of 5 possible]
 HW questions Worksheet #1: Applications of ES,
Spheres and Systems