Romeo and Juliet Act III Project Directions: This is an individual

Romeo and Juliet Act III Project
Directions: This is an individual assignment. You will be writing obituaries
or Eulogies for Mercuti and Tybalt. An obituary is a notice of
death/biography of the person. A eulogy is a speech or piece of writing
that praises someone highly.
You must pick at least two of the characters listed.
Each obituary and/or eulogy must be at least two paragraphs.
The links below will give you some hints! 
Holden Obituary
Lancaster New Era Obituaries
How to write a Eulogy
Eulogy Examples
Content- Details about the character’s life are present and detailed. The character’s personality is evident.
Each character is worth 5 points.
Textual Evidence- In each obituary or eulogy there is at least one direct quote from the text. This quote relates
to the content being said about that character. Each quote is worth 3 points.
Grammar and Mechanics- The pieces are written clearly and are free from spelling, punctuation, and
capitalization errors. Proofreading is evident throughout. Character names are spelled correctly. 4 points
Creativity- Creativity is evident with the writing. A picture of the character is included. 5 points.
____/10- Content
_____/6- Textual Evidence
____/ 4- Spelling/Grammar
_____/5- Creativity
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