Our Earth - Rock Recipies

OUR EARTH – ROCK RECIPIES Video and revision for test
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1. What do you need to do to rocks to find out what minerals they contain
To find out what minerals a rock contains you need to smash them open and look
2. What are rocks made up of?
Rocks are made up of Minerals.
3. Name two types of mineral.
Two types of minerals are Quartz and Diamond.
4. What is a mineral?
A mineral is a natural solid of uniform chemical composition.
5. What is a crystal?
A crystal is a super molecule.
6. What are the two most common elements in the earth’s crust?
The two most common elements in the earth’s crust are oxygen and silicon.
7. What are diamond and graphite made from?
Diamond and graphite are made from carbon atoms.
8. Why do they have such different properties?
They have such different properties because of the way the atoms are arranged.
9. How does all rock begin? What is it called?
All rocks begin by magma.
10.What are igneous rocks made of?
Igneous rocks are made of crystallised or cooled lava.
11.Why are igneous rocks very hard?
Igneous rocks are hard because of interlocking grains.
12.What is the main feature of igneous rocks?
The main feature of igneous rocks is interlocking grains.
13.What process wears rock away?
The process of weathering and erosion wears a rock away.
14.Where do particles of sediment eventually end up?
Particles of sediment eventually end up in low places such as river beds, lakes and
15.What substances hold the particles of sediment together?
Substances such as water hold particles of sediment together.
16.What is the main feature of sedimentary rock?
The main feature of a sedimentary rock is bedding. (Bedding is Layers upon layers.)
17.What is one way of working out if a rock is sedimentary?
One way of working out if a rock is sedimentary is seeing if there are any fossils.
18.What is the main difference between sandstone and conglomerate?
The main difference between sandstone and conglomerate is that sandstone is made
of all sand and conglomerate was made up of sand and small rocks.
19.How do you know when you have a piece of shale?
You know when you have a piece of shale when you lick it and it tastes like mud.
20.What two features do metamorphic rocks have?
Two features that metamorphic rocks have are that they may be made of lava and
could have layers.
21.Complete this diagram showing the rock cycle.(see dime 2 page 64)
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