Igneous Rocks

Welcome to Science 11/2
• Get your HW out. You will be working with
a partner to answer three questions that
you will find in a book about rocks. You
have 10 minutes to complete this.
Turn in HW
The Global Village
• If the world’s pop. was 100 people with all of the
existing human ratios remaining the same, the village
would include:
60 Asians, 12 Europeans, 9 Latin Americans,
5 N. Americans, 1 Oceanian, 13 Africans
50 female/50 male, 80 nonwhite/20 white
20 people would earn 89% of the wealth
25 would live in substandard housing
17 would be unable to read
13 would suffer from malnutrition
1 would die within the year
2 would give birth within the year
2 would have a college education
4 would have a computer
Welcome to Science 11/2
• Observe the pictures below. On your paper, list
as many similarities as you can about the
I. Classifying Rocks
• Observe the rock on your desk. On your paper,
list as many descriptions of the rock as you can.
• When classifying rocks, what 3 characteristics
of rocks do geologists study?
• 1. Mineral Composition (what the rock is made of)
• 2. Color
• 3. Texture
II. 90% of Earth’s crust is made of
Igneous Rocks. Why?
• Igneous- comes from the Latin word for “fire”
• Origin- born from the cooling and hardening of
magma & lava
III. Composition & Texture
• The type of igneous rock that forms depends on
what it is made of and how fast it cools.
• Slow cooling magma/lava = coarse,rough text.
• Fast cooling magma/lava = smoother, text.
• Slowest
2nd Slowest
IV. Igneous Rock Formations
• Intrusive Rock- magma that has cooled
beneath Earth’s surface.
• Volcanic necks, plutons, batholiths
• volcanic neck
V. Igneous Rock Formations
• Extrusive Rock- forms from the cooling of lava
on Earth’s surface
• Why are these rocks important?
• This is a major process responsible for
building new crust.
Assignment: Acrostic Poem
• Your assignment for tonight is to create an
acrostic poem for the word igneous. Here is an
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