Presentation Profici..


Presentation Proficiency Test

Rate how effective your presentations skills are with this quick and easy diagnostic. You may also wish to give it to colleagues to ask for their feedback on your presentation technique.


Complete the diagnostic by assigning each statement a score from the following:

3 = a lot like me

2 = sometimes like me

1 = not at all like me

Once you have completed the diagnostic, add up your score to see how well you have done. If you have asked a colleague for their feedback, compare their results with yours.

Statement Score

1. I communicate in a way that is easy to understand - using familiar words and expressions, and avoiding slang/jargon.

2. I speak clearly and confidently, with a relaxed, natural voice.

3. I vary my pitch, tone and pace to add variety and emphasis.

4. I maintain eye contact with the audience.

5. I use appropriate visual aids.

6. My presentations follow a logical sequence, moving seamlessly from one key point to the next.

7. I know how to manage my presentation nerves.

8. I identify the main purpose of my presentation and focus on it throughout.

9. I familiarise myself with the physical environment before making a presentation.

10. I familiarise myself with the audience and their background, needs and expectations before making a presentation.

11. I practise the finished version several times.

12. My presentation uses a simple structure, built around a catchy introduction, main body of information and a memorable summary/conclusion.

13. I do not put too much information on my visuals: their purpose is to highlight and summarise.

14. My visual aids are legible and free from error.

15. I am aware of my body language and tailor my gestures and facial expressions to add emphasis.

16. I use examples or stories to illustrate my key points and try to inject a little humour into the presentation.

17. I give the audience the opportunity to ask questions, either

throughout the presentation or at the end.

18. My visuals include simple graphics and colour to add variety.

19. I am enthusiastic about the topic of the presentation.

20. I anticipate and prepare for likely questions.



You are an excellent presenter with an easy, confident and natural style.


Your presentation skills are not bad but could do with some fine-tuning.


Your presentation skills need some improvement. Work on developing your confidence and technique.