Introductory Italian Language in Tuscany

CCTP Annotation: This class is intended as an intensive language class. The
students need no prerequisites in Italian Language. It is designed to be a part of
Summer Program, involving a homestay in Italy. The students will be required to
work very hard in this class and to use the time outside the classroom for their
homework to supplement class instruction. The class tries to take a functional
approach to teaching languages, privileging those structures and themes that allow
the student to be able to speak and interact in the target culture from the very
beginning. The course has also a culture component, which complements language
instruction, and provides the students with the socio-linguistic clues they will need
to carry out conversation in Italian and to begin to understand the differences
between Italian and American culture.
Intro to Italian Language in Tuscany
(Ital S117)
Prof. Eleonora Buonocore
Department of Italian Language and
Summer 2016 M-F 9:15- 10:30
Office Hours: TH 2:30-4:00 and by appt
Course Description
This is an intensive introductory Italian course, intended for students in a studyabroad setting, during a homestay period of 8 weeks in Tuscany. The class is fast
paced, and it is designed with the specific intent to allow its participants to begin
speaking Italian from the first day. To this end, it presents the basic structure of
Italian Language according to their functions, focusing at the same time on
building fluency and accuracy, as well as it provides a crash course in Italian
culture, manners, traditions, songs, and other key element in contemporary Italian
In order to achieve these goals in the short time allotted, the course will require a
motivated participation by the students and will integrate classroom instruction
with homework to be completed by interacting with Italians in the afternoon and
Course Objectives
By the end of this class you will be able to understand Italians when speaking and
have a fluent conversation in Italian on the streets of an Italian city.
You will be familiar with expression of greetings, you will be able to talk about the
weather, food, sports, education, local Italian history and traditions and much
You will be able to talk about the past and the future, using correctly the variety
of Italian structures
You will be able to write short pieces in Italian, from emails to dialogues and
descriptions as well as a brief essay
You will understand the basic characteristics of Italian contemporary society on its
own terms and will be able to interact with the local population without making
gross mistakes
Course Requirements
(Including Assessment Methods and Grade Breakdown)
1. Class attendance and participation. (15%) Attendance is mandatory, the
students will be allowed 1 unexcused absence only, after that, each absence will
have an impact upon their participation grade. Arriving significantly late to class
is disruptive to the classroom environment, therefore 3 tardies will be considered
as one absence. Participation is defined as being enthusiastically involved in the
class activities, speaking ONLY Italian in class, coming to class prepared, having
read the material beforehand and having completed the homework assigned
2. 8 Compositions (20%) There will be six compositions, of progressively
increasing length, arriving to a total of 250 words for the final essay. For each
composition there will be a first graded draft (A) and a re-write (B), the final
grade will be the average of the two compositions grades.
3. Workbook (5%) This includes timely completion of the workbook and evidence
of self-correction of it.
4. In class Quizzes (5%) There will be 5 in class graded quizzes on vocabulary.
Student are expected to be prepared for the quizzes without notice
5. Scheduled In class Exams (30%) There will be 6 in class exams, as per course
6. Oral Presentation (5%)
7. Final Exam (20%)
Course Materials
1. Suzanne Branciforte & Elvira G. Di Fabio, Parliamo italiano! (4th edition)
2. Parliamo italiano! Student Activities Manual
3. a good Italian-English dictionary
Course Schedule
Week 1. Ciao!
1. Benvenuti! Unità preliminare: Le presentazioni; I saluti formali e informali
2. L’alfabeto; I numeri da 0 a 100, i numeri di telefono, le parole utili
3. Unità 1 La geografia; La città. [Tema 1a]
4. Che giorno è oggi? I mesi dell’anno; La data
5. Ripasso [Tema 1b ]
Week 2. Vai a scuola qui?
1. Esame 1 [Workbook due]
Unità 2. L’università, le classi, le materie, la casa dello studente
Unità 2: Le differenze fra l’università in italia e in America [Tema 2a]
Giorno di cultura!
Unità 3. La famiglia in Italia [Tema 2b]
Week 3 Conosci la tua famiglia ospite?
1. Unità 3. Una casa italiana
2. Unità 3. Insieme in centro città
3. Unità 3. Che tempo fa?+ Film Divorzio all’italiana [Tema 3a]
4. Film Divorzio all’italiana + Ripasso
5. Esame 2 [Workbook due] [Tema 3b]
Week 4 Sei andato a fare la spesa?
Unità 4. Al Mercato all’aperto
Unità 4. I Negozi in Italia vs i negozi in America
Unità 4 I soldi, fare le commissioni [Tema 4a]
Giorno di Cultura
Week 5 Pranzo: Preferisci prendere un panino al bar o al ristorante?
Esame 3 [Workbook due] [Tema 4b]
Unità 5. Al Bar in Italia si prende il caffè, in America invece…
Unità 5. I vari tipi di ristorante in Italia [Tema 5a]
Unità 5. Ma in realtà si mangia meglio a casa, se qualcuno cucina!
Week 6 Hai mai giocato a calcio?
Giorno di Cultura/Ripasso [Tema 5b]
Esame 4 [Workbook due]
Unità 6. Lo sport
Unità 6. Hobbies, attività per il tempo libero
Unità 6. L’estate italiana fra mare e montagna
Week 7 Come ti vestirai per la festa?
Esame 5 [Workbook due]
Unità 7. Il corpo umano e la salute [Tema 6a]
Unità 7. La moda in Italia
Unità 7. L’abbigliamento in Italia vs in America
Una festa Italiana / ripasso
Week 8 Arrivederci! Pensi che sia stata una bella esperienza in Italia?
Esame 6 [Workbook due]
Unità 8 Cosa vuoi fare da grande? Le professioni[Tema 6b]
Unità 8 Come si trova lavoro in Italia vs in America + Ripasso
Ripasso + Presentazioni Orali
Esame finale
Buone vacanze e a presto!