Chapter 12 Flashcards

A privately built road
operated for profit by
collecting tolls.
Another word for cloth.
The money that one
must put up or collect
in order to start a new
The change from
household production
to factory production
using machines.
____ were constructed
out of logs set side by
This helps American
industry by making
foreign goods more
The practice of selling
goods in another
country at low prices.
The conflict caused by
people’s strong
interests in their own
region or part of the
The introduction of
____ increased the
speed of production
and made repairs
Person who launched
the steamboat
Clermont on the
Hudson River
President during the
Era of Good Feelings
Person who brought
the plans for textile
mills to America
Person came up with
the idea of
interchangeable parts
Person who led
movements in
Venezuela and
Columbia; known as
the “Liberator”
Known as a great
orator (speaker), he
became the
spokesperson for the
North in Congress.
Started the movement
for independence in
Mexico with his
speech: “The Cry of
A Congressman from
Kentucky, he became
the spokesperson for
the Western states.
After growing up
picking cotton in
South Carolina, this
Congressman spoke
for the entire South.
Built a textile mill in
Massachusetts and
then had a mill town
named after him.
This system brought
workers and
machinery together in
one place to produce
Spun 100 spools of
thread at one time.
Replaced the spinning
wheel because it made
it possible to spin
more than one thread
at a time.
Made it possible to
weave 200 times as
much cloth in the
same amount of time.
The Industrial
Revolution was first
felt strongly in which
In what country did the
Industrial Revolution
What was the Boston
Why were young
women and children
were hired for the
Lowell mills?
Which direction were
most people moving in
the early 1800s?
Why did covered
bridges become
How did the Erie Canal
affect shipping
between Lake Erie and
New York?
Where did the National
Road start? Where did
it end? Who paid for it
and built it?
Why was the “Era of
Good Feelings” so
What were Americans
more and more divided
by in the decade
following the War of
Why did Congress recharter the Bank of the
United States? (2
How did the Tariff of
1816 help American
What did the American
System propose?
The American System
was proposed by ____
Which part of the
country was most
likely to oppose a
protective tariff? Why?
How did the British
blockade of the
American coast during
the War of 1812 boost
American industry?
How did Canada gain
its independence?
Why did many of the
first attempts at
revolution in Latin
America fail?
Which country did
Jose de San Martin
lead toward
Why did Latin
American countries
have a difficult time
setting up new
How did Brazil gain its
Who led the
invasion of Florida?
In which treaty did the
United States gain
How did the United
States try to stop
Spain from trying to reconquer its former
colonies in Latin
What did the Monroe
doctrine state?
How many hours a day
did most female
factory workers work
in the early 1800s?
About how much
money could a female
factory worker in
Lowell expect to make
per week?