2016 Class Officer Candidate Speeches
Dear Freshman Class,
I am running for President of the freshman class. If you vote for me it would be good for you and good
for me. I will try to get things to happen for certain things like the pep rallies, spirit week, homecoming
and many more things. I will try my hardest 24/7. I am a great worker and an excellent leader. I have
had experience because I was the student council President in 8th grade also. Please vote for me.
Your friend,
Meg Maus.
Robert Pinataro for President of the Ninth Grade Student Council
Hello! I’m Robert Pinataro and I would like to be your Student Council President. Let me begin by saying “Thank You”
to all the friends who have been supporting me.
I am running for Student Council President because I want to help you have more fun at school this year. Let me
introduce myself to those I’ve not yet met. I moved to Binghamton at the start of Eighth Grade and I play baseball, run Cross
Country and swim for Forks. I enjoy fishing and hanging out with friends, too. I work hard at school and all my sports, the same
way I’d work hard as your President.
How would you like to have pizza parties every Friday, doughnut Mondays, cool hat days on Wednesdays, and
unlimited free iTunes downloads? If I am elected President, I promise that none of these will happen. However, by listening to
what you want, I will work with the student council to plan cool themes and activities to make dances and pep rallies better
than ever.
Consider this. The biggest chances we have to get together as a class are these school dances and pep rallies. Imagine
really having a say on the themes, food, drinks, and music for the dances. Think about getting to choose the cheers for our pep
rallies and getting the whole school fired up to “Go Forks!” and cheer our teams to win. If I am elected President, the Student
Council and I will ask you what you want and we’ll work with the teachers to make it happen. This is our school, you can make it
more fun, and I want to help you.
Vote for new ideas, vote for a new approach, vote Robert Pinataro for Student Council President.
My name is Donnie Walker, and I am running for 9th grade class President, I’m not running for
Treasurer or Secretary and I’m not here to tell you about something I won’t keep my word on.
I’m good at giving good advice and I can easily get settled into new environments. I've never
run for president, in fact have I’ve never even been into Student Council or in any meetings.
I told you that because I would like everyone to know that I won’t lie to you and if it’s
something you don’t want to hear I’d prefer to tell you, rather than building your hopes up
and letting them all come crashing down. When someone passes away that you know it’s a bit
easier to take rather than loosing someone you love. Even though I have never been a class
President before it seems achievable. Last year when I moved to this district my grades were
horrible and my attitude towards school was not the greatest. Well now look at me I passed 8th
grade and I have much higher grades then I did in my old school, and I honestly think it’s all
because of Chenango Forks and all of the freshmen here today. You all let me into your school
and you all have been nice to me and treated me as a friend since day one, not just a student
you go to school with. I want to be your President not your leader and not anything less than
your friend, I want to be here whenever you need me and I want to help you with all your
problems as much as I can, just as you have all done for me. This is now the chance for you to
all let me give back what you have all done for me and even more.
Go Big Blue!
Vice President
I am Emma Haley and I am running for vice president for 9th grade student council. I
really want to be a part of student council this year because I believe that I can help make a
difference with the other members of student council and everybody in 9th grade. The past 2
classes to graduate from Chenango Forks have not gone on the senior class trip, if we start to
raise money now our class can go on this trip. It will probably be the last trip we’ll go on as a
class after all our trips to Dorney Park and our 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. The money we
raise will not only be used for the class trip but it will go to our junior prom and other activities
we do as a class within the next 4 years. My goal as vice president is to help represent our 9th
grade class, and make our last 4 years together the best yet!
Hey, my name is Alaijah Cheeseman and I would really appreciate it if you voted for me
for Student Council Vice President. I’ve been on student council once before and I really would
like to do it again. If I am elected I will do my best to make this school year most enjoyable and
fun. Vote for me! :)
I'm Mary Villella and I want to be your secretary because I'm smart and great at
taking notes. If you elect me to be secretary I'll bring your ideas to the
meetings and be able to tell you what our meeting were about. I will also make
sure we fundraise enough money for our senior class trip and see if we can lower
our senior and junior prom tickets. This may look like a lot but if the 9th grade
student council works really hard I believe we can do it. I would really like to
be in student council because it's one of my biggest dreams. I've been in every
club like; SADD, Ski Club, Art Club, and Drama Club. This is the only club that I
really would love to be a part of. I would really like to do this and I believe I
can do this. If you elect me I will work extremely hard so we have lots of money
in our account for our senior and junior year.
I, Megan LeVasseur would love to be your Secretary representing the 9th grade. I took
part in student council all throughout middle school and I would like to continue a similar trend
through all of high school. I would make a great Secretary because I am very organized and I
keep all of my supplies neat and orderly. I have very neat handwriting and I am open to any
ideas. I want everyone to be a part of what goes on in our school even if you are not a
representative. I am going to try to make sure we are still able to have senior class trips, and
two great proms. I want to make these last four years at Chenango Forks the most memorable
for every student. It is finally our chance to leave our mark on this school and when the year
2016 rolls around I want to be able to say those were possibly the best four years of our lives.
Thank you and please vote for me!
Hi class of 2016! My name is Ava Hudak and I am running for treasurer. I would
be great for the job because I have the experience. Last year I was the treasurer
for the "spirit of 76" trip so I know how to handle all of the paper work. Also I
have high hopes for our class. I plan on being able to fundraise enough money to
make prom and our senior class trip very special! Please vote for me for your
class treasurer, I promise you won't be disappointed!
Hello fellow class mates. For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Taylor Robinson. I
will be running for the office of treasurer of the freshman class. There are many things that we
will need to get done this year like fundraising for our class. Mr. Gumble has set us a goal of
raising at least $300 for the class this year. I plan on helping out in every way I can with the
other elected officers. If we do lots of fundraising we can lower the cost of our junior prom and
go on the senior class trip to Cedar Point in Ohio. We only have two years to fund prom so this
year is going to be critical. Thank you for your time and I hope you vote for me.
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