Pre-Departure Orientation Guide
This guide includes recommended topics for a Project Lead or Department Administrator
to cover with travelers prior to international travel. It is geared primarily for students who
will study, intern, or participate in a research project overseas. It can be adapted for
faculty or staff new to international travel.
1. Communicate trip outcomes and program expectations.
2. Communicate trip rules and sanctions.
3. Discuss waivers and other required forms and documentation
4. Discuss travel arrangements and what to do when travel snafus occur.
5. Provide information on what other things trip participants need to do prior to
 Passport
 Visas
 Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
 Immunizations and visits to health care providers
6. Describe on-site facilities and staff.
7. Discuss and distribute communication and emergency contact information.
8. Provide background information on destinations
 State Department
 Centers for Disease Control
 Program provider
 Newspapers, magazines and other websites.
9. Discuss insurance requirements
 Medical Insurance: what it provides and how it works
 Emergency Travel Assistance: What it provides and how it work.
10. Discuss Health Concerns
 How to stay healthy at this destination
 Alcohol
 Drugs
 STDs
 Health care resources at the destination
11. Discuss crime and general safety concerns
 Local risks and situational awareness
 Local transportation concerns
Local laws and law enforcement
High risk activities and why they should be avoided.
12. Describe program housing.
13. Talk about money
 What is needed
 How to get it
 How to keep it.
14. Go over the program’s emergency and evacuation plans.
15. Answer questions.