Study Guide for Middle Ages Unit Test The Middle Ages were a


Study Guide for Middle Ages Unit Test










The Middle Ages were a violent time with many people struggling for control of land and power. They lasted for about 1000 years. Medieval castles were used for protection and were NOT very comfortable or warm. The Lord’s family lived in a part of the castle called the Keep. Training for a knight started at age 7 as a page. At 14 you became a squire and by 19 if ready you would be knighted. An attack called a siege involved surrounding a location and waiting for surrender. A moat was a defensive water feature around a castle. The Church, violence and The Crusade wars had a big impact on the Middle Ages. There were NOT many scientific discoveries made during this time. It was even called the Dark Ages. 10.

If you owed loyalty to a greater lord you were his Vassal. 11.

The rank of nobles from highest to lowest was: King, Duke, Earl, Baron and Knight. 12.

A monk was a man that lived in a monastery working hard and praying to avoid life’s temptations. 13.

A nun was a woman who chose a life of purity and worship and lived in a convent or nunnery. 14.

King Arthur was a legendary king that ruled Camelot. 15.

Women in the Middle Ages were consider inferior and controlled by male relatives. 16.

The Crusades were military quest by knights to free the Holy Land in the Middle East. 17.

Pope Urban II said that “God wills it!” to encourage knights to go on the Crusades. 18.

The Black Death and Bubonic Plague were diseases that impacted the Middle Ages. 19.

Feudalism was a social order that provided stability and protection for the people living on the lord’s land. 20.

Social status depended on the amount of land and manors you controlled. 21.

The serfs belonged to the land and worked for the lord, followed his laws and paid him rent. 22.

Chivalry was a code of rules that knights promised to follow. 23.

A coat of arms used colorful symbols to identify a noble family. 24.

The death of many serfs due to the Black Death helped to end Feudalism. 25.

Many people believed the Plague was punishment from God. 26.

Flagellants were very religious people that believed in punishing themselves to please God. 27.

People in the Middle Ages were not very concerned with cleanliness. 28.

The healers of this time period used human urine and excrement for medical treatment.

Essay Questions

The Feudal System was a means of securing order and survival during the Middle Ages. It required nobles and peasants to depend on each other. Explain in detail how the system worked. Give examples of duties and responsibilities for each group. How did the numerous deaths caused by the Black Death Plague change the lives of many medieval peasants and alter the way the Feudal System worked? Give examples and explain in detail. Explain in detail what factors made the Middle Ages such an insecure and violent time in which to live. Explain how the division of manors (lands) by Middle Ages’ Kings related to power and social status during the time period.