Updating Applicant Dispositions

Recruiting>Find Job Opening>Search.
Click on your Job Opening under search results.
Click on Applicants Name for updating Disposition.
Click on the Disposition Status. (This example is 020 Applied)
Click on the
icon to edit disposition details.
Select the pull down *Status Code
for available list of status codes.
Once Status Code is selected, choose the appropriate Status Reason from the options listed.
When finished, click Save. Then Return to Previous Page for next candidate.
REFRAIN from using the back arrow in the upper left corner of the page, the system doesn’t respond well.
Step of the Process
Disposition Status
1. Candidate Applies
Upload Screening device* in TAM Job
Opening Details: Activities &
*Screening device must be
approved before screening of
020 Applied
2. TA Coordinator (TAC)
verifies applications are
Change dispositions to either:
030 Screen
100 Hold
complete and
can be reviewed
by committee
(if incomplete)
email to candidate
(requesting missing
Screen or Hold
3. Search & Screen Committee
Based on screening results, change
dispositions to either: Under Review
or Does not Meet Minimum
4. If conducting phone interviews,
change dispositions
03B Under
Candidate meets
the minimum
03A Consider
for Interview
(Candidate selected
for phone interview)
5. Based on phone interview S & S
Committee identifies those selected for
in person interviews through email
“Forwarding” approval chain.
Change dispositions
060 Interview
(Candidate selected for
in person interview)
(Send Correspondence
email and attach
interview schedule)
03C Does not
Meet Minimum
Send Correspondence
email to candidate (not
03B Under
(No change if
candidate not selected
for phone interview)
03A Consider for
(No change if candidate
not selected for in person
If at any point a candidate Withdraws, record this notification in the Applicants’ Contact
1. Date UW-Whitewater was notified
2. How UW-Whitewater was notified (phone, email etc.)
3. Who the applicant notified
4. If any specific reasons were provided by the applicant –
please include.
5. Change their disposition status to: 120 Withdrawn
*Please review the Instructions for Corresponding with Applicants document for the
complete guidelines at this stage in the process.
Each individual that was identified in the “address” field will receive an email indicating that
their approval is required to conduct on campus interviews. The TA Coordinator must
receive and email or written approval response from each approver, compile these
messages, and upload them into the Activity & Attachments section. The TAC may then
notify the Search Chair of the overall approval or denial status.
Correspondence emails may now be sent to the candidate’s not selected.
In person interview can commence. *All interview notes including candidates Strengths &
Weaknesses must be saved and uploaded in the Activity & Attachments section.
Once a verbal offer has made & accepted, please notify HR with the candidate’s name,
appointment date and salary of candidate selected.
At this stage, the please complete the Unclassified Hire Form and route through the
signature approval chain.
Once HR receives the complete Unclassified Hire Form, they will begin drafting the official
offer/contract and change the selected candidate’s disposition to Offer.
Last Revised 05/26/2015
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