Party Organization

Party Organization
The Four Main Elements
• 1. National Convention
– Nominates the candidate
– Presents the platform
2. National Committee
• Handles the business of the party between
Conventions(held only in year of
presidential election)
3. National Chairperson
• Leader of the national committee
• Chosen after a convention by the candidate
nominated, ratified by the national
4. Congressional Campaign
• Both parties have one in congress
• Job is to reelect incumbents
• Win back seats of representatives that are
Decentralized Organization
• Party not in power lacks a strong leader
• Federalism causes division of power in
• Nominating process encourages
competition and divisiveness
Possible causes for eventual fall
of parties
• Growing number of independents
• Split-Ticket Voting
• Changes in technology and advertising
• Growth of single-issue candidates