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Warsaw, 29 May 2015
Visiting in princely style
From the beginning of June, anyone who visits Tyskie Browary Książęce will embark on a
journey into the world of beer sensations. Visitors to the Tychy Brewery will not only
learn about its history. Thanks to workshops with a cervesario, they will also learn how to
taste beers brewed in this historic location and get to know the basic principles of
combining Książęce beers with different kinds of food.
Visitors to the Tyskie Browary Książęce brewery will soon benefit from extra attractions. As
of Tuesday (2 June) their programmes will include a workshop with a cervesario. Who is it?
Cervesarios are beer experts and tasters who can tell you about different kinds of beer and
their specific qualities. Well versed in the art of serving the amber brew, they will show how
to make beer yield its full taste. All visitors will also find out that matching beer with food is
a simple and pleasant task. Everyone will have access to different kinds of Książęce together
with information leaflets explaining the basic principles of combining them with various
The Brewery may be visited by people of legal age from Monday to Saturday between 10:00
and 20:00. Advance booking is required.
For more information, please visit: www.tyskiebrowarium.pl
The Książęce Premium Beer Collection
Książęce is Poland’s first premium beer brand in Kompania Piwowarska’s product portfolio drawing on the global brewing experience of
SABMiller as well as the passion and experience of brewmasters from the Książęce Breweries of Tychy. Książęce is a brand for anyone
curious about the world who values diversity, wishes to celebrate the richness of beer flavours to their fullest and seeks ideally-balanced
tastes. By offering new unorthodox beer types, Książęce takes consumers on an intriguing and delightful tour of unconventional beer
tastes, hues and aromas. The brand features three distinctive and yet drinkable beer kinds: Czerwony Lager, Ciemne Łagodne and Złote
Pszeniczne. The brand promotes Poland’s beer culture with, among other things, proper serving rituals and the sophisticated art of
matching beer types with specific foods to help the consumer enjoy the full richness of flavours and aromas.
What can you discover in the Książece beers?
Ciemne Łagodne (Dark Mild) is a unique composition of four types of malted barley. Pilsner and Munich malt give it a delicate
of honey and sponge-cake bouquet further enhanced with caramel and roasted malt with intriguing undertones of chocolate
and freshly ground coffee. Ciemne Łagodne tastes best at 4 to 7°C in a broad chalice glass held by the stem not to warm up the
beer. Pour slowly down glass wall to allow to oxidize and release the rich aroma.
Czerwony Lager (Red Lager) offers a strong distinctive flavour with a rich hop bouquet. It stands out with its red-and-amber
colour achieved in a special production process relying on the use of pilsner and caramel barley malt. Its intense hop bouquet
and delicate malt flavour make Czerwony Lager a perfect beverage for beginners and connoisseurs alike. Czerwony Lager tastes
best when chilled to 2 to 5°C. Serve in a tall stemmed lager glass. Pour 2/3 of bottle content with the glass tilted at 45 degrees,
then hold the glass upright and add the remaining beer to produce silky white head.
Złote Pszeniczne (Golden Wheat) is a naturally hazy beer brewed with wheat malt. Its unconventional taste is a harmonious
composition of caramel notes and delicate nearly undetectable bitterness. Proper carbonation makes Złote Pszeniczne a
perfectly refreshing thirst-quenching beverage. Złote Pszeniczne tastes best when chilled to 1 to 4 degrees Celsius, served in a
tall glass tapered at mid-height which helps bring out the white thick head. Pour it down a wall of a tilted glass, stir the
remaining beer and the yeast deposit in the bottle and pour to form foam.
Kompania Piwowarska operates three breweries with a long history: Tyskie Browary Książęce (established in 1629), the Dojlidy Brewery in
Białystok (est. 1768) and Lech Browary Wielkopolski in Poznań (est. 1895). It is these breweries that make the beers most popular with
Polish consumers, including Żubr, Tyskie, Lech, Dębowe, Redd’s and the Książęce specialty collection. Our proven beer recipes, natural
ingredients, pristinely clean installations and, first and foremost, superbly skilled and experienced brewers, allow us to brew beers valued
highly in Poland and abroad.
We are part of SABMiller, an international brewing group. Together we care for the people and environment around us. Pursuing our
sustainable development strategy “Bet on Beer”, we promote a responsible and moderate consumption of alcohol, train salespeople,
conserve water and energy, support the growth of our business partners and engage in volunteering initiatives. We are also honoured to
sponsor the Polish Olympic Team.
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Q&A Communications
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