Antonio Jorge
Birth: November 30, 1946
Citizenship: Italian
Mobile: (+258) 843004356 - Email: [email protected]
Residence: Kassuende 50, 6o Andar Esq., Maputo, Mozambique
-Degree: Agronomy Engineer. UDELAR (University of the Republic). Faculty of Agronomy. Uruguay. 1971
-Post degree: Seed Technology. UFPEL (Federal University of Pelotas). Faculty of Agronomy. Brazil. 1987
Additional training:
-Financial management and strategic planning of agro-industrial projects. (Diploma). CEAD (Development Council of
Agricultural Entities). Montevideo, Uruguay 1999.
-Seed Production, Management and Supply. Annual Course. (Diploma). Svalof Weibull AB, Svalov, Sweden. 1988.
- Irrigation: design and management. Curricula course. (Certificate). UDELAR (University of the Republic). Faculty of
Agronomy. Uruguay. 2000
-Work Programs management, financial & procurement procedures of European Development Funds (EDF).
(Certificate). European Union Commission. MDF. Windhoek, Namibia, 2000.
-Seed Technology Course – (Certificate). Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi, USA. 1976.
-Seed Production of Crops and Vegetables (Certificate) - International Commission on Technical Assistance. Republic
of China. 1975.
Agronomists’ National Association of Uruguay – AIA, Uruguay
Brazilian Seed Technologists Association – ABRATES, Brazil
 Thirty five years implementing and managing Rice programmes with multidisciplinary technical teams; operating
with public and private institutions and interacting with international supporting agencies.
 Nine years managing private Rice business projects - in Southern Africa and Latin America- dealing with all aspects of
the Rice farming business, particularly production and trading, facilitating the development of smallholders farmer
groups, associations and modern cooperatives with a market objective.
 Relevant involvement in raising Rice farmers’ awareness on business operations, trading and marketing strategies;
including the management of sustainable low cost technologies, maximizing the use of local available inputs and
conservation of natural resources.
 Applicable experience of the agricultural Rice process (plant breeding, agronomic research, seed production and field
crop management):
- Relevant experience on management of crops extensively cultivated, like: Maize, Wheat, Barley, Soybeans,
Groundnuts, etc. and a considerable knowledge of those food crops almost exclusively produced by small /
subsistence farmers, like: Sweet Potatoes, Dry beans, Bambara nuts, Pearl Millet, Cowpeas, Sesame and Sorghum.
- Agricultural experience obtained by working in various Rice farming contexts (commercial, emergent and
subsistent); with diverse technologies (manual, mechanized, irrigated, rainfed, etc.), under different ecosystems
and a diversity of socio-economic contexts.
- Management of Rice irrigation systems (flooding and sprinklers-central pivots).
- Mangement of modern Rice pos harvest production (drying, storing, pest control, etc.).
- Familiarity with traditional systems of Rice harvest, drying and storage conservation, applicable to universal
- Pertinent experience and knowledge of modern agricultural inputs management (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides,
etc.) as well as of some traditional procedures to protect crops and seeds.
 Independent consultant of several private Rice production initiatives planned in Angola, Nigeria, Mozambique,
Guinee Bissau and Uruguay; projects that included financial and profitability studies, comprehensive market chain
analysis and careful applied business plans.
 Sixteen years as part time farmer: 740 ha of Rice, Soybeans and Pastures seeds, with an active participation in
farmers’ unions and cooperatives, in Uruguay, South America.
Antonio Jorge Resume September 2013 Oryza
- AC AgriConsultants -Managing Director & Consultant: June 2011–Present (Mozambique). Permanent consultant of:
- Mozfoods (Mozambique): MIA (Rice branch) crops management advising; Mozseeds (Rice seed company branch)
breeding, agronomic evaluation and seed production guidance.
- OLAM (Mozambique): Rice crop management advising.
- Afrigrow (Mozambique): permanent consultant on technological inputs (chemicals, seeds, etc.) management
- Biochem (Mozambique): consultant on research and evaluation of biological inputs for small farmers (inoculants.
Soil conditioners, foliar fertilizers, etc.)
Periodic consultant of Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, Novagro/ECI Africa and Munda-Munda Rice Project.
- MOZFOODS (Rice production private company) – Head of R&D Department: February 2007 – June 2011
(Mozambique)- Supervising a staff of 6 Agronomists, 8 middlemen and 100 workers
- Rice breeding programme
- Rice and other crops: varieties evaluation network
- Agronomic research with several crops, mainly Rice, Maize, Wheat, Barley, Cowpeas, Chickpeas, Soybean,
Groundnut and Sesame.
- Seed company establishment: field production (Pre basic, Basic and Certified), drying & processing plant, seed
quality lab
- Experimental fields management: two irrigated research areas with flooding and sprinkler irrigation (15 + 28 ha).
- CALPROSE (Seed Farmers’ Cooperative) – General Manager: March 2005 – January 2007 (Uruguay) - Plant breeding,
agricultural research and seeds sales of 15 crops (cereals, oil seeds and pastures) with an annual turnover of 4,5
million USD and gathering 170 farmers (60,000 ha) and a staff of 65 people (5 Heads of Department, 7 Agronomists,
4 Administrative Officers and 46 workers).
- Financial administration and marketing strategy
- Production planning with the coop members and commercial control of production (national market and
- Supervision and coordination of Breeding and Research, Processing Plant and Quality Control Lab.
- External relations of the cooperative (Banks, Government, Research Institute, Seed Institute, Cooperatives’
Unions, etc.).
- Support to Crop Seed Production and Research in Northern Namibia - 7.ACP. NAM.64. (EU Public Project with
Agrisystems Ltd.) – Team Leader: September 2000 – November 2004 (Namibia). Organization of the national seed
production scheme based on growers cooperatives, farmers associations and the informal sector, linked to the
National Research Institute (DART): Pearl Millet, Maize, Sorghum, Cowpea, Bambaranuts, Groundnuts and Sweet
Potatoes. Supervision of 2 Counterparts, 3 Cooperative Boards, 3 Cooperative Managers and 7 Government
Extension Service officers.
- National Certification Programme for all crops (legislation, seed production field procedures, quality control
rules, participation of the Informal Sector, etc.)
- Reorganization of the existing seed cooperative (NNSGC), organization of two new Seed Growers’ Cooperatives
and 4 Seed Growers Associations.
- Organization and monitoring training courses for several groups of leading farmers (agribusiness, marketing,
market chain analysis, principles of business planning, retailers networks, accounting and administration
procedures, etc).
- Organization of training for government and cooperatives personnel on: breeding, variety evaluation, seed
processing, seed quality control, etc., inside the country and abroad.
- Strengthening the variety breeding-selection-evaluation-releasing process in the various research stations
- Organization of the Rice research and variety evaluation network, with the University of Namibia and the
Ministry of Agriculture (MAWRD)
- INASE (National Seed Institute) – Executive Director: January 1998 – August 2000 (Uruguay). Public self-supported-
non-governmental organization controlling, by law, the seed business in Uruguay (18 breeding organizations, 96
Seed Private Companies, 42 Quality control labs and 860 seed shops). Annual budget of 1.2 million USD. Staff
supervised: 20 Agronomists, 1 Accountant, 1 Lawyer and 10 Administrative Officers.
Antonio Jorge Resume September 2013 Oryza
- Financial and human resources administration: budget control, fees charges, tariffs, debts recovery,
expenditures, salaries, bank credits, etc.
- Management of the Business Centre created to advise seed companies on markets development, marketing
chain analysis, market niches identification, costing, prices-national and international-, sales procedures, etc.
- Supervision: Crops & varieties evaluation (VCU & DUS) for registration, internal trading market control, ,
imports, exports, seed certification, etc.
- National relations (national government, seed cooperatives, traders associations, National Research Institute,
national universities, etc.) as well as international relations (ISTA, UPOV, AOSCA, Universities, etc.).
- SEMOC – Sementes de Mozambique. (SIDA Public project with Svalof Weibull AB). Head of the Rice Breeding
Program and Coordinator of the Seed Growers Dept. : November 1988 – December 1997 (Mozambique).
Implementation and development of a national seed company to supply high quality seed of the most important
national crops. Staff: 4 Agronomists, 2 Farm Managers, 15 Medium Technicians and 70 workers.
- Rice Breeding Programme and the Company’s Variety Screening Network in various regions of the country
(irrigated and rainfed).
- Organization and management of the company’s Rice seed production (Pre-Basic, Basic and Certified 1).
- Technical assistance to the Company's irrigated Rice Seed Farm (1,200 ha per year).
- Training of seed growers and staff of the National Seed Service regarding Regulations, Field Inspection
Procedures, and Certification procedures. Participation in the Mozambique Seed Law design.
- DIGRA (Ministry of Agriculture) – Head of North-Eastern Regional Seed Program: January 1981 – October 1988
(Uruguay). Seed Production, Certification, Quality and Trading Control. Supervising 2 Agronomists, 4 seed field inspectors
and 4 lab analysts – Controlling 14 seed companies, 20 private agronomists and 150 seed growers’ fields.
- Responsible for the certification and seed trading
- In charge of the regional official Seed Lab: testing and certificates labelling
- Supervision of the production and distribution of seed companies
- CIIAB- EEE (National Research Centre- Eastern Research Station) – Head of the Station’s Seed Program: April 1971 –
December 1980 (Uruguay). Foundation Seed Production; Seed Quality Control and Certification in the Res. Sta.
Area. Supervising 1 Agronomist, 2 Seed field inspectors, 2 Lab analysts (Controlling: 7 Seed Companies, 9 private
Agronomists and 70 seed growers)
- Foundation Seed production in the Res. Sta. (various crops).
- Organization and management of the station’s Processing Plant (driers and cleaning equipment).
- Design and establishment of regulations and procedures for Rice Seed Certification in the country
- Organization and management of the Regional Official Seed Laboratory
- COOPAR LDA. (Rice Farmers’ Cooperative: production and milling) – Head of the Seed Programme: July 1968 –
March 1971 (Uruguay). Cultivating area: 20,000 ha of various crops, 70 farmers with 120,000 Mt of annual
production (mainly Rice). Supervising: 2 seed plant Foremen, 40 seed plant Workers, 2 Seed Analysts, 2 on farm
trials Assistants
- Seed production scheme (seed field purification, multiplication with growers).
- Management of the Processing Plant and the Seed Lab.
- On farm trials at various farmers fields (varieties and fertilization trials).
- Technical assistance to the Cooperative’s farmers.
- COPARROZ LDA. (Rice Farmers’ Cooperative and Mill) – Research Officer: July 1966 – June 1968 (Uruguay).
Cultivating area: 5,000 ha of Rice. 25 farmers with 25,000 tons of annual production. Supervising 1 Field head and
15 workers.
BIOCHEM: Development plan of a commercial seed company to supply high yielding varieties of grain crops to
smallholders of the informal sector in five provinces of Central and Northern Mozambique. January 2013
HELVETAS SWISS INTERCOOPERATION: Study and planning the four years program “Promotion of Seed System –
Seguranca Alimentar e Agro-negocios.” Cabo Delgado / Nampula (SAAN). November 2012.
NOVAGRO /ECI AFRICA: Study of the seed demand of five crops in Mozambique (Maize, Groundnut, Pigeon pea, Sesame
and Soybean). July 2012
Antonio Jorge Resume September 2013 Oryza
MUNDA-MUNDA RICE Project: Rice Development Programme 2012 – 2013 of Munda-Munda Cooperative in Nante,
Zambezia Province. Mozambique. April 2012
MOZSEEDS: Rice production plan in Zambezia: identification of a Basic seed fields. Mozambique. May, 2012
MOZFOODS: Rice production with farmers assisted by an external financial provider. November 2011.
MOZSEEDS: Rice improvement strategy. Mozambique. August 2011
MOZSEEDS: Assistance on Rice breeding, trials and seed multiplication management. Mozambique. June 2011
MIA- MOZFOODS: Assistance on Rice crop management. Seed production quality control. Mozambique. June 2011.
OLAM: Assistance on Rice crop management and agricultural planning. Mozambique. October 2011
FUNICA and AGRICONSULTING EUROPE SA: Evaluation of the Seed Sub-sector as a tool to improve Basic Grains
production. Nicaragua. January 2011.
MOZFOODS: AFSTA institutional strengthening with participation of private companies and public institutions,
national and international. Kenya. July 2010.
MOZFOODS: Selection of hybrid Rice varieties in India to use in Southern Africa. India. October 2008 &February 2010.
AGROPRO LTD: Diamond Namibia Agricultural Production Plan. Namibia. February 2008
AQUIFER England: Research and Seed Production Plan for Mozfoods. Mozambique. August and December 2006
FRENTE AMPLIO: Rural Development Plan for T y Tres Municipality. Uruguay. October 2005 and May 2005
MITC: Rural Development Plan for Gabela Municipality. November 2004 and March 2005 (Angola)
MITC and IBRU Corporation: Agricultural Development Plan in the River State for a Poultry Producer Company, a Rice Mill and
Brewery Factory combined. Nigeria. June 2004.
MITC and CUVELAI Emprendimentos. Development plan of a private large area (25,000 ha) in Cuvelai Province,
Southern Angola. April and May 2004.
MITC: Development plan of a Commercial Seed Company in Angola. May 2003
CROP SCIENCE DEPT. - Univ. of Namibia / EU Commission: Design and management of Rice varieties evaluation in 3
different sites in Caprivi and Central Northern Namibia. January – June 2003.
CROP SCIENCE DEPT. - Univ. of Namibia / EU Commission: Students’ graduation thesis. Namibia. Oct. 2002- Febr.2003
MITC: Agricultural Development Plan for Cunene Farm -12,000 ha- Rice, Pastures and Ovine- Angola. Oct. 2002
Crop Science - Univ. of Namibia / EU Commission: Seed Science Course –Agronomy Faculty. Namibia. 2001
SIDA/Svalof Weibull AB. Lecture: “Subsistence farming and seed production” Annual International Course: Seed
Production Management and Supply: Sweden. June - July 2000
SIDA/Svalof Weibull AB. SEMOC Rice Breeding Program - Rice Crossing Program: Parental and progenies selection;
regional variety trials supervision. Mozambique. January 1998 – June 1999 ()
SIDA/Svalof Weibull AB (with Glenn Denning – IRRI): The Rice Research Station of IRRI in Zambezia Province.
Mozambique. July and August 1996
Universidade Eduardo Mondlane: Advising graduation thesis on Rice for finalist students. Mozambique. October 1996 –
May 1997
INGER Africa / Svalöf Weibull AB. Breeding and research of Rice varieties in Southern Africa: Madagascar, Tanzania and
Zanzibar March – April 1995 ()
SIDA/Svalof Weibull AB: The Seed Industry in Guinee Bissau - Study Mission: Guinee Bissau. October 1994
SIDA/Svalof Weibull AB. Rice Breeding Program - Agreement Semoc - Rice Research Station: Malawi. October 1992
SIDA/Svalof Weibull AB. Evaluation of Human resources, infrastructure and institutions focused on Rice research in
the Country. Mozambique. November 1992.
INGER Africa / Svalöf Weibull AB: Breeding research and Rice varieties in Ivory Coast. July 1991.
UDELAR (University of the Republic),. Faculty of Agronomy: Graduation thesis for finalist students. Uruguay. September
– December 1986.
COTAGRO / SAMAN: Organization and management of private Seed Program: regulations, procedures and farmers
selection to produce the seeds of Soybeans. Uruguay. January 1979 – August 1980.
Language skills: (from 1 =Excellent - to 5 = Basic)
Mother tongue
Mother tongue
Computer knowledge: Regular software (MS Words, Excell, Power Point, Windows,
Statistics software (Mstat C, Irristat, Statistix, Ntsys-PC).
Antonio Jorge Resume September 2013 Oryza
Mother tongue
Project reports and technical proposals
Organization and development of a commercial seed company to supply productive varieties of grain food crops to
smallholders in Mozambique. Financial and technical proposal for FTF Partnering for Innovation Program–USAID. BIOCHEM
Project. AC AgriConsultants. January 2013. 33 pp
Community Based Seed System. Technical Proposal included in the program of “Promotion of Seed System–Segurança
Alimentar e Agro-negócios” C. Delgado/Nampula SAAN. November 2012”. Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation. November 2012. 16 pp.
The Seed Market System in Mozambique. Study and Technical Proposal for the development of seed project. Novagro/ECI
Africa. July 2012. 84 pp.
International Technical Assistance to the Seed production Support Programme for Food Security in Nicaragua
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Investigation (IAI) and the Agricultural Development Institute (ADI), Angola -Techn. Prop.-INIA Uruguay & Agromundo
Angola-.July 2006. 28 pp.
Technical Assistance support to improve the competitiveness of the Caribbean rice sector, Guyana and Surinam.
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National Seed Stakeholder Workshop. MAWRD – EU Delegation in Namibia. Namibia. 13 August. 2 –11.
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Luanda. Angola. November. 27 pp.
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Declared Seed. 2002. Namibia. November. 30 pp.
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The seed business in Uruguay. 2000. Lecture. International Course “Seed Production, Management and Supply” SIDA. Svalof
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Antonio Jorge Resume September 2013 Oryza
A seed production scheme for the Family Sector as an efficient and sustainable distributor of plant breeding: a
potential tool to be improved. 2000. Lecture. “Seed Production, Management and Supply” SIDA. Svalof Weibull AB. Sweden.
June 77 pp.
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Antonio Jorge Resume September 2013 Oryza
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