L.OL.07.63 Evidence that Plants make, use and store Food

Evidence that Plants make, use and store Food
Plants use
Carbon Dioxide
and Water to
make Glucose It’s
Evidence Plants make food
• Plants produce glucose.
• Glucose can be combined into
larger molecules of
carbohydrates and fats.
• Carbohydrates and fats can
add minerals from the soil to
make proteins.
• Animals gain energy and useful
material by eating plants
Evidence Plants make food
• Tests can be done that indicate the
presence of carbohydrates, fats and
proteins like using the indicator iodine
to detect starch (a carbohydrate).
Evidence Plants use food
• Plants that start
from a seed use the
food inside the seed
to grow roots, stems
and leaves.
• The seed coat
shrivels and falls off
as the food is used
Evidence Plants store food
• Plant structures such as
seeds, roots, nuts and fruits
contain nutrients and have
Evidence Plants store food
• As the plant matures,
the size of the fruit, nut
root and/or seed increases
indicating food storage
»Extra food is stored in the
roots, leaves and seeds.
Complete your I can statement:
• Explain the process (give evidence) of
how plants make, use, and store food.