1- Nuclear Cardiology

10th AOFNMB’ 2012
1- Nuclear Cardiology:
Applications of SPECT/CT & PET/CT in Cardiac Imaging
Can Cardiac Radionuclide Imaging Improve Patient Outcome?
Nuclear cardiology versus competing modalities
Nuclear Cardiology Problem Case Review
Multi-Modality imaging in Cardiology
Current standard Practice in Nuclear cardiology
Role of SPECT-CT in Nuclear cardiology
Quantitative assessment of MPI (is visual inspection enough?)
Viability Assessment prior to coronary intervention
2- Nuclear Oncology:
Multi-Modality Approach to Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Staging and Restaging
PET in Oncology- Breast and Prostate: Most Prevalent Sex-Specific Cancers
Role of lymphoscintygraphy in breast cancer
Choline and Fluoride PET-CT in bone Metastases and Prostate Cancer
Pitfalls in Non-FDG PET-CT imaging
Clinical Applications of PET-MR in Oncology
Non-FDG PET and Neuro-Endocrine Imaging
Molecular Imaging in the Management of Common Malignancies
Sentinel Node Mapping and Biopsy
3- Nuclear Endocrinology:
Updates and Controversies in Thyroid Cancer Management
Thyroid cancer relapse, Current Trends in the management of differentiated thyroid cancer
Imaging modalities for neuroendocrine tumors
Is There Yet a Role for Octreoscan in the PET Era?
4- Nuclear Neurology:
Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease
Brain Perfusion SPECT in Schizophrenia
Role of Brain Perfusion SPECT prior to brain surgery for epilepsy
Differential Diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease with F-DOPA PET
5- Nuclear Gastroenterology:
Role of PET CT in GI malignancies
Esophageal Transit and GE Reflux Evaluation
Gastric Emptying Scintigraphy
Role of Liver and Spleen Imaging in HCV+ patients
Hepatobiliary Imaging in emergency room
6- Nuclear Urology & Nephrology:
DMSA in post pyelonephritic status
Renal perfusion scans in ESRD
Diuretic Renography versus Ultra sonography
GFR estimation methods
7- Skeletal system:
Role of 3phase bone scan, Ga-67 SPECT-CT, Labeled WBCs in Osteomyelitis
Is there a role for conventional bone scan in PET era?
Non-neoplastic Osseous Disorders
8- Hybrid Imaging:
CT Imaging: Thoracic, Abdominal and Pelvic Imaging, Review of Cross-Sectional Anatomy, Common
Pathological Entities ,CT Case Review Imaging, Review of Cross-Sectional Anatomy (Abdomen)
9- General Nuclear medicine:
Standardization in Nuclear Medicine
Is There a Role of Nuclear Medicine in Emergency?
New Trends in Molecular Imaging
Radionuclide Therapy and Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy
10- Pulmonary System:
Approach to Solitary Pulmonary Nodules with PET and CT, Case review, pearls and Pitfalls
Complementary role of PET-CT in SPN, Cost effectiveness
Ventilation/Perfusion SPECT
Pitfalls and difficulties in the interpretation of FDG PET CT in lung cancer
11- Inflammation and Infection:
Assessment of Inflammation and Infection by SPECT and PET radiotracers
FUO assessment, Role of Ga-67 and FDG-PET
Diabetic foot a diagnostic dilemma even with FDG-PET
12- Pediatrics:
PET-CT applications in pediatric patients
Role of DRNC and DMSA scan post UTI status in children
13- Radiopharmacy and Radiochemistry:
New radiotracers in molecular imaging
Advances in therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals
Facing Tc-99m shortage worldwide
Mo-99 production and alternatives for Tc-99m radiopharmaceuticals
Non-FDG PET radiopharmaceuticals
Radiopharmaceuticals based on Immunomolecules and peptides
Ga-68 Generator: Radiochemistry and dosimetry
Radiopharmaceutical preparation and quality control
14- Physics & Instrumentation:
Reconstruction and Analysis, Filter back projection method versus iterative analysis
New horizons in Image fusion
Hybrid imaging
Simulation of nuclear medicine procedures
Preclinical Imaging in nuclear medicine
Multimodality Imaging
Role of radiation biologist in general population dose reduction
15- Nursing staff and technologists:
Routine SPECT protocols
Current SPECT-CT methods in oncology and nuclear cardiology
Techniques in PET- CT, Patient preparation for FDG imaging in oncology
Patient’s dosimetry and optimal radiation protection methods for patients, staff and general population
Basic principles of patients care
Imaging artifacts and Gamma camera quality control
Optimal acquisition methods in current nuclear medicine scans
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