Earth`s Changing Surface Study Guide #1

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Science Quiz – Friday, November 6th
Earth’s Changing Surface Chapters 1, 3, & 4
Landscapes & Landforms:
 Landscape – a large area of land that can be seen from one place
 Landform- a part of the Earth’s surface that was created by nature
 A landscape is made up of many landforms
 Cataclysmic events – when a landscape changes quickly, like an earthquake
 Most changes to the landscape happen slowly
Weathering and Erosion:
 Weathering – the gradual wearing down of the land
 Abrasion – a type of weathering where rocks grind other rocks
 Erosion – the movement of sediment from one place to another
 Deposition – the gradual building up of the land
 Weathering, erosion, and deposition are caused by wind, water, and ice
 The parts of a river (look at the diagram on the back):
Source - where a river begins
Riverbed- bottom of a river
Riverbank - the sides of a river
Mouth - place where a river ends
Delta - a landform at the mouth of a river caused by deposition of sediment
 Why are some rivers deep and straight and other rivers are shallow and meander?
Steep land  fast water  flows in a straight line  deep because the fast water erodes the
sediment more
Flat land  slower water  water spreads out  slow water can’t carry as much sediment so
leaves its sediment on the river banks, which causes the river to meander (curve)
 How do deltas form?
Deltas form at the end of a river because the water slows down and drops its sediment which
builds up the land at the mouth of the river
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The parts of a river: