Book Week Character Parade

Wednesday, 26 August 2015
This year to help celebrate Children’s Book Week we have invited writer
Morris Gleitzman to visit our school on Tuesday 11 August to talk with Year 3
to 6 students about his work.
On Wednesday 26 August we are having a Book Character Parade. All
students, K – 6, are invited to dress up as a book character and wear their
costume to school. (Students can bring their school uniform to school if they
want to change out of their costumes after the parade.)
On Wednesday 26 August, starting at 11.30am,
students will walk out of the Longueville Road school
gate, along Longueville Road to Lane Cove Plaza and
around the Plaza before returning to school. Parents,
family members and friends are invited to stand along
the parade route and cheer the students along.
Costumes do not need to be elaborate – a simple costume of a book character is all
they need.
Ms Ruth Elston
Ms Gemma Ackroyd
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