Wellness in Balance Retreat Led by Sara Hartley and Helen Leavitt

Wellness in Balance Retreat
Led by Sara Hartley and Helen Leavitt
July 16-22 2014
Information and Itinerary
On Ground Transportation to Finca Luna Nueva Lodge
You are responsible for arranging your own flight to San Jose Airport. All group
transportation within the retreat is included.
The transport bus to the hotel will leave the airport at 3pm on Wednesday July 16 to
bring the retreat group to Finca Luna Nueva Lodge. If you wish to arrive in Costa Rica
before July 16, we would be happy to help you find comfortable accommodations,
transportation and restaurants. If you would prefer to take a private taxi to the hotel please
let us know and we can arrange that as well. Travel costs before July 16 and private
transportation are not included in the retreat price.
San Jose Airport is relatively small. Collect your luggage at the baggage claim and
feel free to ask for help, there is plenty of airport staff with trollies to help. You will pass
through customs with your customs form. There is only one exit so you can't make a wrong
The driver will meet arrivals at the restaurant Malinche, located about 100 meters to
the right after exiting the airport. At 2pm the driver will hold a sign titled “Wellness in
Balance Retreat” outside of the restaurant. The driver speaks English and if you have any
immediate questions please feel comfortable asking. You will have to time to eat lunch or grab
a snack and refreshment before your journey to the jungle! Again, at 3pm the driver and
participants will leave the airport. The drive to Finca Luna Nueva Lodge is 2.5 hours.
When the retreat is complete on July 22, the bus will leave Finca Luna Nueva at 8am
and reach the San Jose airport at 10:30 am. It is important to check-in within 1-2 hours of
your flight. You will need to pay $29 departure fee at the airport.
What to Bring
The skies in Costa Rica change rapidly. However, the temperature and humidity
remain relatively the same. The temperature is usually between 65 degrees and 85 degrees.
The lodge is in the mountains so the night cools down but never enough to need heavy
We suggest wearing natural fibers such as cotton clothing, which allows your skin to
breathe well. The lodge has dozens of pairs of rubber boots for taking the tours if the
ground is muddy. The farm has a limited amount of yoga mats so we encourage you to bring
your own. There is a public refrigerator in the lodge where you can keep
The following is our suggested list of items to bring.
• Passport and copy of passport
• Copy of flight itinerary (to show at immigration)
• Umbrella and raincoat
• High socks (soccer socks work well) to wear with rubber boots for the tours
• Water shoes (or anything you are okay with getting wet!)
• Hiking/running shoes for forest walks
• Toiletries
• Comfortable shorts, pants, t-shirts, tank tops for yoga, hiking and relaxing
• Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen
• Yoga mat
• Water bottle
• Bathing suit
• Flashlight/ headlamp
• Journal/notebook/pen
• Camera and dry bag/protective case
• Backpack for day trips
We have arranged each day of the retreat in such a way to create a balanced combination
of calming, relaxing, reflective and rejuvenating activities with stimulating, exciting, and social
happenings. It is our hope to bring both peace and awe to participants throughout the week
and to establish an environment where wellness learning can be shared between us all. We
intend on learning just as much wisdom as we share with you.
. Everything listed in the itinerary is included in the individual retreat price; however it
is your own decision to participate in each activity. All tours are led by guides with first
aid and emergency training.
Day 1
2pm or Upon Arrival Meet at Airport Restaurant Maliche
3pm Bus departs to Finca Luna Nueva Lodge
Between 5-6pm Arrive at Finca Luna Nueva,
Room Arrangements and Settling In- Rejuvenating Stretching in Main Lodge
7 pm Dinner at Finca Luna Nueva Restaurant
Safety and Rules / Spa Treatment Sign-ups
Tea and Relaxation
Day 2
7-8 am Morning Yoga
8-9 am Breakfast
9-11am Farm Tour and Biodynamic Farming Lesson
Free Time
1 pm Lunch
2-4pm Biodynamic Medicinal Herbs Workshop
Free Time
5-6 pm Evening Yoga
6:30 pm Dinner
7:30pm Movie in Main Lodge Casa Sombra
Day 3
6-6:45 am Breakfast
6:50 am leave for tours (Repelling or Hanging Bridges Tour)
7:30-12am Tours and Lunches
1-4 pm Free Time in Downtown La Fortuna
4:30 pm Bus back to Luna Nueva
5:30 pm Dinner
8-9 pm Evening Yoga
Day 4
7-8 am Morning Yoga
8-9am Breakfast
Free Time
1 pm Lunch
2-4pm Chocolate Making Workshop
4:30pm Depart from Luna Nueva
5-9pm EcoTermales and Dinner
9pm Return to Luna Nueva
Day 5
6-7 am Morning Yoga
7-8:30am Breakfast
9 am Leave for Rancho Margot
10:30am Rancho Margot Farm Tour
1pm Lunch at Rancho Margot Restaurant
2pm Leave for Luna Nueva
Free Time
5-6 pm Afternoon Yoga
6:30 Dinner
7:30-9:30 pm Rainforest Mystery Tour
Day 6
7-8 am Morning Yoga
8-9am Breakfast
9:30-11:00am Sacred Seeds Medicinal Garden Tour
Free Time
1pm Lunch
2-4pm Green Tea Making Workshop
Free Time
5-6 pm Afternoon Yoga
6:30 pm Brick Oven Pizza Dinner
8pm Special Ceremony
Day 7
6-7 am Morning Yoga
7-8 am Breakfast
8am Bus Leaves for San Jose Airport
10:30 Airport Arrival and Goodbye
Three meals and snacks of smoothies and organic fruit will be available each day at
Finca Luna Nueva Lodge. If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions please let us know
before you arrive so we can properly prepare the kitchen staff. *Raw milk is available on
An example of what each meal includes is described below:
Sample Breakfast: Fresh Squeezed Juice Fresh Local Fruit Fresh Brew Coffee and
Selection of Teas Eggs Homemade Traditional Costa Rican Dishes Whole Wheat
Bread Homemade Jam
Sample Dinner: Beet Gazpacho Steamed Vegetables Breaded Tilapia with Coconut
Tartar Sauce Brown Rice Vanilla Ice Cream with Cacao Nibs
On day 1, individuals will sign up for spa treatments which will take place during free
time throughout the week. Our spa treatments are performed by Costa Rican resident
Kinga Kordan. She has a doctorate in acupuncture and is a licensed massage therapist.
Each individual receives a 1-hour spa treatment. Any additional requested sessions may be
purchased separately.
You will have a choice from the following spa treatments
Reiki/Acupuncture Combination
Swedish Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Aromatherapy Massage
Chinese Cup Style Massage
Korean Massage
Safety /Medical Care
There are no necessary vaccines required to travel to Costa Rica. The water at the
hotel is naturally filtered water from mountain streams and it is completely safe to drink from
the tap. We recommend purchasing bottled water in San Jose.
In case of emergency, there is a hospital and several private doctors within a 30-minute
drive from the hotel. A private doctor’s consultation costs approximately $30. There are
also pharmacies 30 minutes away.
Please purchase travelers insurance if you are concerned about being covered while
traveling abroad.
Laundry Service
Laundry service is available at the hotel by request. This is not included in the retreat
All tour guides are trained English speakers but is super fun to communicate with the
local people in their native tongue. Here is a basic guide to Spanish words and phrases you
could use on a daily basis!
Me llamo es______ – My
Me regala______ – Can
Bebida- drink
name is ______
you give me_____?
Como te llama?- What is
Ayudame por favor – Help
Frijoles- beans
your name?
me please
Arroz- rice
Como esta?- How are you?
Donde esta?- Where is?
Estoy bien- I am fine
Tengo hambre- I am hungry
cerdo- pork
Much gusto- Nice to meet
Tengo sed- I am thirsty
Que es este?- What is this?
fruita- fruit
Gracias- Thank you
El bano/servicio- bathroom