Yoga For Mental Health


Yoga For Mental Health

Discovering our true nature as bountiful, beautiful, blissful, and free!


What is yoga anyway??????

• • • • Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years!!!! The first writings on yoga were from around the 5 th century BCE!!! (7000 years ago).

The Yoga Sutras, written by Patanjali, the “father of yoga” was written in the 2 nd century BCE.

Yoga comes from the root word Yug, which means to bind, join, unite, or find union with. In this case it is a joining of the individual self with the Supreme Self. In other words, we recognize we are one with the Divine and all that is. Yoga is a path to help us discover the truth of who we are, the truth that it is the birthright of every human being to be healthy, happy, and holy!!


You don’t have to be as flexible as a pretzel to do yoga!!!!!!!


Yoga was designed as medicine for the mind, body and spirit • Yoga is not just about doing poses. It is just as much about ethical principles, qualities to cultivate in our personalities, breathing practices, developing concentration, and meditation 4

What is health???

• • • • Healing = Wholing Health is recognizing that we are whole!!

Health is not only physical but also mental and spiritual From a wholistic perspective, there is no separation between mind, body and spirit.


Did you know that we are a reflection of nature???????

• • • We are the microcosom of the macrocosm The earth is 78% water and so are we!!!!!

As the earth is reborn in the spring, so are we! As the trees let go in the fall and energy condenses, so does it happen in us!


Speaking of water!!!!!!!!!

• • • A man named Masaru Emoto has dedicated his life to the study and photography of water crystals.

The composition of the water crystals literally change based on the words and even thoughts directed at them Remembering that we are 78% water we must ask ourselves, what kind of messages are we choosing to give ourselves and each other though our thoughts and words. We are creating our physical and mental forms!!!!!






The greatest power we are given is the power to change our minds!!!!

• • • People are often sick in mind and body because they were never told that they are whole, precious or beautiful.

Before we can truly share this truth with another, we must first take the journey of this deep realization for ourselves!!