What is Yoga??
Yoga is not…
• For only super-flexible,
or super-healthy people
• For women only
• A religion
Yoga is…
• A practice that anyone can do,
regardless of their age, spirituality, or
physical condition.
• A technique that combines physical
activity with mindfulness/meditation.
Helps us practice being fully present in our
actions, making our actions more powerful
In this way, Yoga is similar to
practices of martial art
Also helps us learn to release stress
and patterns of tension in our body,
so that we can feel more relaxed
and at ease in ourselves.
With enough practice…
you will be able to relax at will, focus,
and be at ease with yourself
…even when you’re not at a yoga class!
This skill will help you feel good about
yourself and feel balanced, even when
storms pass through your life
Give it a try 
Drop in classes block 3 every Wednesday
in the Native Studies room
Namaste 
Is a greeting said at the end of
a yoga class…
“Bakasana” (Crow Pose)
…which means “the highest and best in me
sees the highest and best in you.”