Sixth Grade Unit 3

Unit 3: Volcanoes
Inside Earth Science Textbook: pgs. 88 – 112
1. Plate tectonics accounts for _____________ ______________ of Earth’s surface and major geologic events.
1a. Students know evidence of plate tectonics is derived from the fit of the continents, the ______________ of
earthquakes, volcanoes, and mid-ocean ridges, and the distribution of fossils, rock types and ancient climatic
1d. Students know that earthquakes are sudden motions along breaks in the crust call faults and that
volcanoes and fissures are locations where ______________ reaches the surface.
1e. Students know major _______________ events, such as earthquakes, volcanic ______________, and
mountain building result from ____________________ motions.
1f. Students know how to explain major features of California geology (including mountains, faults, volcanoes)
in terms of ____________ _____________.
Academic Vocabulary:
1. Volcano
2. Ring of fire
3. Lava
4. Island arc
5. Magma
6. silica
7. Crater
8. Pahoehoe
9. Aa
10. Pyroclastic flow
Volcano Videos
Volcano Documentary Presentations
Volcano Images
Mapping Earthquakes
Volcano and Plate Tectonics worksheet
Volcanoes webquest
Volcanic Activity worksheet
Volcano Documentary project
Volcano Landforms worksheet
Essential Questions
To be given at the end of unit
Vocabulary quiz will be ________________
Volcano Documentaries will be due ____________
Volcano Test will be on _____________________
11. Dormant
12. Extinct
13. Geothermal energy
14. Caldera
15. batholith
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