de bello Gallico

AP Latin Summer Assignment, including a fabulous checklist!
Salvete, omnes!
Working diligently in this course will prepare you for the difficult three-hour exam, which you will take
on Friday, May 13, 2016 at noon. The fee is $91, and financial assistance is available to those who
qualify. Doing well on the exam counts for credit at some colleges, potentially saving you thousands of
dollars in tuition.
Doing some work over the summer will save you pain and frustration during the school year. My goal is
to be done with the entire syllabus by April vacation that begins after school on Friday, April 15, so that
we may spend the remainder of our time (1 week of vacation and 3 weeks of school), reviewing and
practicing for the exam.
Required Readings in Latin
Vergil, Aeneid
Book 1: Lines 1–209, 418–440, 494–578
Book 2: Lines 40–56, 201–249, 268–297, 559–620
Book 4: Lines 160–218, 259–361, 659–705
Book 6: Lines 295–332, 384–425, 450–476, 847–899
Caesar, Gallic War
Book 1: Chapters 1–7
Book 4: Chapters 24–35 and the first sentence of Chapter 36
(Eodem die legati ... venerunt.)
Book 5: Chapters 24–48
Book 6: Chapters 13–20
Required Readings in English
Vergil, Aeneid
Books 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12
Caesar, Gallic War
Books 1, 6, 7
N.B. You may want to purchase a new or used copy of Caesar: Selections from his Commentarii De
Bello Gallico by Hans-Friedrich Mueller since we do not have enough books to go around. I’ve found
new and used copies from $40 on
Optional enriching activities
Read Ursula K. Le Guin’s novel Lavinia (2009). Check it out from the library or purchase it. I
downloaded a Kindle copy.
Read the entire Aeneid in translation. The Mandelbaum and Fitzgerald translations are good
choices. I am partial to the new one by Sarah Ruden. You can find these at your library or
online, as well.
AP Latin Summer Checklist
Vergil’s Aeneid
What do I do?
At a minimum read books
1, 2, 4, 6, 8, & 10 in
Read “Aeneas” packet and
answer questions.
Read pp. 1-32 of Our
Latin Heritage 4 (OLH4)
Answer questions based
on OLH4 reading
Where do I find this?
A pretty literal, easy-to-read translation. And it’s free!
AP Latin Summer Work website
As soon as I’ve received the book in the mail, I’ll scan in the
pages and upload a packet to my website.
To be uploaded once the OLH4 reading has been scanned in.
Caesar’s de bello Gallico
What do I do?
Read books 1, 4, & 7 in
Read Mueller’s intro.
(pp. xv-xxxix)
Answer questions based
on Mueller reading
Where do I find this?
A pretty literal, easy-to-read translation. And it’s free!
To be scanned and uploaded to my website.
To be uploaded once the Mueller reading has been scanned in.
Overall tasks
What do I do?
Learn the 15+ and 9-14 vocabulary
Review Latin grammar rules and
Where do I find this?
AP Latin Summer Work website
The “Graphic Latin Grammar” packet I gave you before
the final and which I will scan and upload to my
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