HPLC Portfolio

Naomi Bryner
HPLC Portfolio
Advanced Chromatography, Agela, Agilent, Applied Biosystems, Beckman Coulter, Bio-Rad, Biotage,
ChiralTech, Dionex, Dynamax, Eksigent, ES Industries, Grace Division Discovery Systems, Hamilton,
Imtak, Peeke Scientific, PerkinElmer, Phenomenex, Proxeon, Restek, Shiseido, Shodex, SigmaAldrich,
SiliCycle, Supelco, Tosoh Bioscience, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Valco, Waters, Whatman, Zichrom
Three Articles:
Burke, D.; Dong, L.; Bhat, S.; Forbes-Smith, M.; Fu, S.; Pinheiro, L.; Jing, W.; Emslie, K. Anal. Chem. 2012,
85, 1657-1664.
doi: ac302925f
“Digital polymerase chain reaction measured pUC19 marker as calibrant for HPLC measurement of DNA
This article looks at digital polymerase chain reaction in order to quantify target DNA regions using DNA
marker pUC19. These regions can be used to calibrate an HPLC measuring system for quantifying GC-rich
Konz, T.; Montes-Bayón, M.; Sanz-Medel, A. Anal. Chem. 2012, 84, 8133-8139.
doi: ac300578n
This article couples copper with hepcidin-25 to demonstrate direct biomarker labeling using HPLC-ICPMS. The method is an improvement upon SELDI-TOF analysis and ELISA methods because of its high
specificity and fully quantitative nature.
Zhang, T.; Zhang, J.; Hewitt, D.; Tran, B.; Gao, X.; Qiu, Z.; Tejada, M.; Gazzano-Santoro, H.; Kao, Y.-H.
Anal. Chem. 2012, 84, 7112-7123.
doi: ac301426h
“Identification and characterization of buried unpaired cysteines in a recombinant monoclonal IgG1
The antibody IgG1 is seen to have unpaired cysteines while biologically active, and has been quantified
using the Ellman assay and fluorescent labeling assays. This article used RP-HPLC to provide insights
about cysteine related heterogeneity in antibodies and the impacts of the antibodies’ activities.
Two common uses:
- Detection of nutrients/drugs in serum/urine
- Product purification