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Bridges project – 18/09/14
This term we are looking at bridges. We would like you to produce a mini
project on a famous bridge of your choice.
The bridge can be anywhere in the world.
You could include:
Where it is in the world (map attached)
Why it is famous
What it looks like (this could be a model!)
Interesting facts about the bridge for example the cost to build it, how long it is,
when it was built etc.
Here are some bridges you could look at:
Golden Gate Bridge
Tower Bridge
Pont des Arts
Kawarau Bridge
Millennium Bridge (London, Gateshead)
Clifton Suspension Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
There are many more famous bridges you could focus on.
How you present your work is completely up to you. You could, for example, produce a
PowerPoint, a poster, a newspaper report, a model or a Word document. You may
choose to write, draw or make something for your project but on this occasion we will
not be expecting you to make a presentation to the class.
The deadline for the project is Monday 13th October 2014
Remember it must be your own words and not just pages printed from
the internet.
There is a copy of this homework sheet on the school blog.