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Greater Worcester Area Women in Development

2009 Philanthropy Award

In 1983, Greater Worcester Area Women in Development established its Philanthropy Award.

Since that time there have been 24 recipients. The award is offered only when an appropriate candidate can be identified and recognizes those individuals or groups of the greater Worcester area who have made outstanding contributions of time and financial resources in support of notfor-profit community services and/or organizations. The Awards Committee seeks your help in the selection of this year’s recipient by submitting a nomination by

September 4, 2009




Assumption of leadership role in the advancement efforts of one or more community services or organizations.


Demonstration of extraordinary personal commitment and exceptional service to one or more not-for-profit organizations.


Contribution of personal financial resources in support of one or more community organization.


Available and willing to speak about her/his views on Philanthropy at the WID October

Meeting (

to be held this year at noon on October 7 th


Julie Chase Fuller*

George Hazzard*

Paris Fletcher*

Jacob Hiatt*

Connie Turner*

Alice Higgins*


Barbara Fargo

Sarah Garfield

Barbara Booth

Past Honorees:

Helen Stoddard* Joy Wetzel Hall

Nancy Morgan Diane Brazelton

Rosamund Bennett* Joyce & Russ* Fuller

Rose & William Abbott* C. Jean McDonough Lois Green

Fairman Cowan Valerie S. Loring GWCF

The Armenian Community Mr. & Mrs. I. J. Donahue Virginia Rice

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Please return your completed form no later than

September 4


, 2009.

by email: [email protected] by mail: WID Awards Committee c/o Liz Papp

P.O. Box 832

Worcester, MA 01613-0832