Philanthropy is defined as an altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement, usually
manifested by donations of money, property, or work (Random House Dictionary). UCSB
Greeks give back to the world through the numerous philanthropic events chapters host every
year. Fraternity and sorority members should be proud of the impact they have made on society
at a local, national, and international level. Philanthropic events enable a chapter to contribute
time, effort, and donations toward a cause that is of meaning and concern for the chapter. In
addition, philanthropy provides the chapter with an opportunity to work collectively towards a
greater good, with a focus on helping a person or organization in need. The Outstanding
Philanthropy Program award will be given to the chapters that have used philanthropy to touch
lives outside their own, and have shown extraordinary commitment towards an organization or
person in need.
One chapter from each council (UFSC, IFC, NPHC, CPC) will receive this award.
Please provide the following information in a binder titled: “Outstanding Philanthropy Program”
A. Chapter Name
B. Attach a detailed description of the philanthropic event(s) and the amount of money that
was donated to each charity. Include how many chapter members, as well as the number
of other individuals who attended your event (Greek students, faculty, staff, community
members, etc.). Your chapter must include letters from each charity confirming
your financial contribution and participation.
C. Include how your chapter chose to donate to this organization. If contributing
financially - where are your dollars going? How is your money being used to benefit the
common good? Whom does this organization serve (what population of people) and
what is the populations’ need?
D. Include your chapter’s support of other Greek sponsored philanthropy events. Include
number of members who participated in the event(s).
E. Your chapter must provide examples, such as pictures, copies of certificates or awards,
letters, other correspondence, etc., in order for the awards committee to recognize your
chapter’s involvement in philanthropy programs.
In addition, the following guidelines must be met or the award will not be accepted.
1. Each award application must be submitted in a separate binder per award category
2. Award Applications must be submitted in ½” 3-ring binder folders. The folder color is
your choice.
3. The front of the folder needs to identify your chapter name and the award
4. All papers inside folders must be inside plastic covers
5. All words must be typed (with exception of captions underneath photographs)
6. Each award application must contain a table of contents as the first page
7. Each award must contain additional documentation