St. Mary`s Students Climb inside Planet Earth

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St. Mary’s Students Climb Inside Planet Earth
Media, PA. Thursday, October 1, 2009 was no ordinary day for students at St. Mary Magdalen School.
Instead of sitting at their desks listening to their teachers lecture, Geography, Earth and Environmental
Science was brought to life as students climbed deep inside planet earth. Sitting on Antarctica, inside a
gigantic 19-feet high and 22-feet in diameter inflatable Earth Dome, students had the chance to
experience what our planet looks like from the inside out. The Earth Dome, made of 24 huge panels
printed with actual photographs of the earth shot from satellites, allowed students to experience the
geographic layout of continents and see how much of the Earth is water, desert and land mass.
Through a fun, interactive and age-appropriate presentation led by Mr. Tom Barry of Mobile Ed
Productions, students learned about time zones, longitude and latitude, the earth’s atmosphere, and
height and depths of the earth’s mountains and oceans. By pointing out where Simba and Nala from
the Lion King, and Alex and Marty from Madagascar live, even the youngest students learned the
names and characteristics of the various continents. Students were amazed by the Earth Dome and
couldn’t stop talking about how great the presentation was.
Photo #1: Pictured outside the Earth Dome, after identifying the Amazon River and Amazon Rain
Forest, are sixth graders (l-r) Colin McCarthy, Ryan Brennan, Sarah McCabe, and Jessica Czachor,
with Mr. Tom Barry of Mobile Ed Productions.
Photo #2: Mr. Tom Barry (standing) points out characteristics of the North Pole to sixth graders (front,
l-r) Brooks West, Chad Bumsted, (middle, l-r) Richard Sposato, Anthony Ciro, Mary Theresa Bane,
(back, l-r) Owen McGovern, and Katherine Smith.