Maryland State Builders Association
Research and Technical Data Compilation
Scope of Work
The Maryland State Builders Association (MSBA) represents residential
developers, builders and other businesses involved in the construction industry.
The Chesapeake Bay clean up effort has resulted in a very aggressive regulatory
climate in Maryland. The new federal oversight of the Bay cleanup effort is
expected to bring further regulations. The industry is interesting in assessing the
implementablility of future regulation and available technology. In addition, we
are interested in establishing the accuracy of the current scientific data and
methodology for modeling water quality levels . MSBA is seeking scientific data
and research to determine the impact of new construction on water qualityand
more accurately determine techniques to minimize future impacts. We are
seeking a review of existing research and data for accuracy and applicability to
determine the develop industry’s true impact on bay pollution loading, the impact
of other sources of pollution loading and the accuracy of EPA modeling that will
be utilized to establish further regulatory requirements.
In addition, we anticipate a scope of work to include drafting a methodology for
conducting research in cases where no research exists to show load rates from
new development based on in-the-ground projects using existing regulatory
practices and estimates for future projects designing to the anticipated ESD
regulations and enhanced erosion and sediment requirements.
The anticipated work product will include a series of reports, white papers and
similar documents for use in industry negotiations, media reports and public
The scope of work is as follows:
Tier I
Conduct a review of the breakdown of sources of pollution loading by percentage
from nitrogen, phosphorous and sediment from EPA, confirm accuracy of the
breakdown by source and clarify contribution from new construction sources.
Based on assessment, provide a revised breakdown of pollution sources.
Conduct a review of the EPA methodology and modeling process for determining
pollutant levels and clean up potential of BMP’s for the baywide TMDL and
critique the accuracy of data resulting from modeling.
Compile historical changes in stormwater management regulatory requirements
and determine incremental load reduction benefits by regulatory change.
Tier II
Conduct a review of MD Department of Agriculture pollution contribution
estimates by source and provide a water quality and cost benefit analysis of
conversion of agricultural land to urban land.
Provide an environmental and cost benefit analysis of Smart Growth
development and environmental prevention practices (X practice cost X$ per lb).
Review MD Department of Agriculture Nutrient Management Plans and
determine accuracy of reporting information.
A Request for Proposal is included with the scope for use in drafting a proposal
for contract. MSBA anticipates commencing work on this project December 30,
2009, a preliminary findings report by mid-January 2010 and a final work product
in May 2010. For further information about this project, please contact Katie
Maloney at 410-263-0070.
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