Water Pollution Quiz

1. Run-off pollution is when:
a bunch of crabs run out of the water and onto
the shore, carrying all the water pollutants with
rain carries all pollutants, trash, dirt, and
nutrients in its path as it flows into the bay.
toxic chemicals run off the back of a truck and
onto the road.
D. chemicals accumulate in aquatic plant tissue.
2. True/False: Since groundwater lies far below the land
surface, the soil fully protects it from
3. What is the most common litter found along beaches?
A. Glass
B. Aluminum
C. Plastic
D. Paper
4. Coliform bacteria in the water is an indication of the
presence off
A. Radioactive wastes
B. Excess Fertilizer
C. Decaying animals and plants
D. Human feces
5. True/False: If water makes a good tasting cup of
Kool-Aid, then it is safe.
6. One off the most harmful consequences of run-off
pollution is eutrophication. Eutrophication…
A. is when too many nutrients are in the water,
causing algae to over produce
B. causes less sunlight to reach the bottom
C. Results in a decrease in dissolved oxygen, water
clarity, and marine life
D. All of the above
7. A watershed is generally defines as
A. A building that stores water
B. All the land area that water flows through to a
given point in a water body
C. All the water area that water comes from and
drains to a given point on land
D. a new way of organizing water agencies
8. What fraction of the total water supply on the planet
is available for use by humans?
A. 0.1%
B. 48%
C. 25 %
D. 1%
E. 10%
9. According to the EPA, water pollution prompted
closings or swimming advisories at how many beaches
around the country in 1996?
A. 1000
B. None
C. 2500
D. 3 in New Jersey and 5 in Florida
How many fecal coliform bacteria are produced by
an average sized dog dropping?
A. 49
B. 3 Billion
C. Trick Question, because dogs only produce fecal
streptococci bacteria
D. 5200
Extra Credit
1. How long can a human live without food?
How long can a human live without water?
3. What is the EPA?
4. What well known American said “When the well’s dry, we
know the worth of water”?
A. Will Rogers
B. Chris Rock
C. Ben Franklin
D. Mark Twain
Water Pollution Test
Without a doubt, water is the most precious
natural resource on our planet. It is
essential to everything that we do and use.
Yet, many humans take it for granted and our
waters get more and more polluted daily.
This is why water pollution is a very
important topic in Environmental Health.
This station is designed to test your team’s
knowledge on this topic.
Each team should take one copy of the
Answer as many questions as possible,
as a team
The team that has the most questions
right will receive a special prize.