Layers of the Atmosphere Project

Layers of the Atmosphere
Due: (Friday 9/21)
At home as well as in class you will be researching and learning about the 4 layers of our
atmosphere. You will be responsible for demonstrating your knowledge by completing
the Layers of the Atmosphere Project.
Part 1: Diagram. You will create a diagram of Earth’s atmosphere by drawing and labeling
each layer (this does not need to be to scale). These are the things that must be included in
your drawing to receive full credit:
The elevations of each layer (the height where each layer begins and ends)
The range of temperature in each layer
Air pressure and density of air in each layer
3 unique characteristic of each layer (these can be drawings). For example: planes fly
only in the examplesphere
Part 2: Learning aid.
You will create a learning aid to represent one specific layer, or all layers, of the atmosphere.
This could be a song you write, a poster, a 3D model, or whatever else your clever mind can
devise. The main focus of the learning aid is to present information clearly in a creative,
organized fashion.These are the things that I’m looking for in your learning aid:
 It displays a complete and accurate understanding of the chosen layer or layers
 The learning aid should be creative and interesting
 Your creative learning aid should be neat. You should not have any mistakes on the
Part 3: Follow up Questions.
The last requirement of your project is to answer a series of follow up questions to check for
your understanding of the 4 layers. Questions and answers need to be written or typed on
a separate sheet of paper and should help guide your research. Those questions are:
 The Jet Stream is at the top of this
 Which layer is closest to the earth?
 Which later has rain clouds?
 We live in what layer?
 Propeller aircraft and commercial
 What layer has the coldest
jets fly in what layer?
 Meteors generally burn up in what
 Which layer are the space station
and space shuttles in?
 The ozone layer is found in what
 How is the stratosphere heated?
 Which layer has the hottest
 Describe the temperature change
in each layer as the altitude
 Which layer contains half of
increases (answer with increases
Earth’s atmosphere?
or decreases).