Project Implementation Manual Outline

Project Implementation Manual Outline
 Country context: National goals and/or strategies on hygiene, sanitation, and water in
 Policy reforms (upcoming as well as recent)
 Roles and responsibilities of national and local government (detailed for each
ministry), schools, parents, community, primary health care system, private sector,
water & sanitation agency, and others
General project description
 Objectives
 Strategy/ies for achieving objectives
 Project purpose
 Expected results
 Activities
 Main indicators
Eligibility criteria for projects on hygiene, sanitation, and water in schools
 Region/Province/Municipality eligibility criteria (optional)
 School eligibility criteria
 Criteria for prioritization
 Project appraisal
Identification of project schools
 Promotional campaign
 Ministry of Education responsibilities
 Application by school
 Selection of school
 School appraisal
Implementation and monitoring
 Implementation planning and funding
 Mobilization
 Planning for construction
 Educational planning
 Community involvement planning
 Supply, procurement, and contracting
o Procedures for approval of supply or procurement
o Procedures for procurement of works and services
o Procurement by schools
o Procurement by Project Implementation Unit
 Operations and maintenance
 Financial control
 Monitoring and evaluation
o Monitoring methods
o Evaluation methods
o Roles and responsibilities
o Key indicators
o Supervision by donor or financing agency
Design of hygiene promotion activities
 Assessing existing hygiene skills, knowledge, and attitudes
 Introducing skills-based hygiene education in schools
 Promoting hygiene in communities
Design of facilities for schools
 Design adapted to local physical conditions
 Toilet
 Hand washing facility
 Water supply
 Child-friendly design
 Operation and maintenance plans
 Environmental impact
Training and capacity building
 Children
 Teachers
 Parents
 Community
 Primary health care professionals
 Representatives of Ministry of Education
 Representatives of water and sanitation agency
 Other policy makers
Financial management
 Project accounts and payments
 Funding flow mechanism
 Audit
Time frame