Project Name: Reducing Environmental Impacts of Goat Dairy and

Project Name: Reducing Environmental Impacts of Goat Dairy and Cheese
Production Facility
Project Client: ICAST
Paul Aldretti
iCAST (International Center for Appropriate & Sustainable Technology)
(303) 273-3044
[email protected]
Ravi Malhotra
Executive Director, iCAST
Email: [email protected]
Ph: 303-984-1134
Problem statement: A group of farmers in Colorado’s San Luis Valley have organized a coop
to more effectively market products derived from their goat herds. The coop wants the facility to
operate as efficiently as possible, minimize waste and use natural systems for waste management
to reduce operating costs, and to reflect their commitment to environmental health and social
Project description: Working off preliminary designs, descriptions of the production process,
site maps and other available information, develop a plan that minimizes the use of water and
other resources, reduces waste from the dairy and cheese making operations, and emulates
natural systems in managing and mitigating any remaining waste. The ideal operation would be
a zero waste producing operation.
Proposed Scope of Work
A. Background on the Project
a. Local conditions and planned production process (inc. maps, etc)
b. Estimated resource consumption (water, energy, labor, etc)
c. Estimated waste characteristics and quantities
d. Applicable regulations
B. Evaluate Future Needs
a. Changes in resource use, waste quantity or waste quality anticipated
b. Future regulations likely
C. Develop Alternatives to Meet Current/Future Needs
a. List the variety of alternatives available to handle wastes; narrow to most relevant
based on project constraints
b. Evaluate in detail a minimum of 3 options to treat each of the major waste streams
c. Compare processes on the basis of criteria including (but not limited to)
implementation and sustainability, cost (capital and operating), environmental
benefits, reliability, and public acceptance.
D. Consultant Recommendation
Recommend one best set of processes to treat the wastes from the dairy processing
facility. Summarize why this plan is optimal.
E. Preliminary Design of Selected Alternative
a. Produce drawings showing the layout of proposed facilities.
b. Conduct detailed sizing calculations and produce preliminary plan and profile
views of the processes.
c. Size necessary pipes and pumps, including hydraulic calculations.
d. Propose a construction staging schedule.
e. Produce a refined cost estimate (including capital and operation/maintenance)
F. Public and Client Meetings
Describe how the client & local community will be involved in the decision process.
G. Written Reports
The alternative evaluation will be submitted to the client for review. A revised
alternative evaluation (addressing comments from the Client) will be submitted with
the preliminary design.
H. Project Management
Appropriate project management should be provided throughout the study and should
consist of the following items, as a minimum:
o complete work within budget limits and on schedule
o provide appropriate quality control of the work
o coordinate input from local personnel
Draft alternative evaluation report – Nov. 2
Presentation: alternative evaluation and preliminary design – Dec. 7-12
Final alternative evaluation addressing client comments and preliminary design report – Dec. 14
The consultant shall provide a written interpretation of the scope of work, emphasizing
aspects of the work requiring specific attention. Recommended revisions or additions to the
scope of work and schedule based on Respondent's experience should be presented.
Descriptions of specific tasks presented in the proposed scope of work above should be
expanded or modified to address any special considerations or approaches.
In addition, the Respondent should provide a draft table of contents for the written reports
anticipated to be developed as part of the scope of work.
The following factors will be considered in the selection of a consultant for this project:
o quality of proposal in response to the Scope of Work presented above
o overall firm experience
o quality of staff assigned to the project: experience with similar studies, design
experience with similar projects, breakdown of staff time assigned to project
o resources of firm
o local versus out of state personnel assigned to study
o references
o cost
Presentation of the scope of work and workplan should be directed to Angela Bielefeldt on
Sept. 21, 2006. Provide a hard copy of the visual aids during your oral presentation..